New Cognac Lounge has offerings for the most expensive tasters, plus some for the regular folk

Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

Seen here during his 2012 Vegas Uncork’d Master Series Dinner, Guy Savoy recently renovated the menus at his Caesars Palace namesake restaurant.

Welcome to the Cognac Lounge.

Don’t worry about the name — you don’t need a monocle to sip what’s offered here.

Unveiled at Restaurant Guy Savoy inside Caesars Palace, connoisseurs and cubs alike can choose from a rare selection of master-crafted cognac.

Walk into the restaurant and turn left and you’ll find a small room adorned with lounge chairs, an in-wall fireplace and an array of cognac bottles lining shelves hung behind the bar.

While many menu offerings range from $12-$150 and may suit the palate of paupers, an order of the rare and exclusive cognac may require deeper pockets.

Here’s a look at the rarest — and most expensive — cognacs:

“Perfection,” by Hardy: Considered the world’s oldest unblended cognac, the vintage blend comes from French Colombard grapes and has been aged 140 years. Its makers produced 1,200 bottles total. Cost: $600.

“Ellipse,” by Hennessy: As a tribute to the best-selling brand of cognac, Ellipse is a mix of vintage blends from seven generations of makers. Cost: $400.

“Talent,” by Hine: Bottled in 1990 and stored in hand-etched Baccarat crystal, the blend celebrates the bicentennial of the Hine family’s arrival in France. Cost: $700.