Greenspun Media Group makes switch to carbon-neutral paper for publications

VEGAS INC and the Greenspun Media Group have gone green.

This month, the Greenspun Media Group’s Las Vegas Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas2Go and VEGAS INC began printing on carbon-neutral stock known as Sage, manufactured by British Columbia-based Catalyst Paper.

Catalyst was the first company in North America to manufacture carbon-neutral stock, which is harvested from purchased fiber from reputable suppliers, not directly from forests.

In addition to its environmentally friendly paper, Catalyst has reduced emissions from its three Canadian mills, producing the lowest carbon footprint of any similar company in North America. Catalyst’s operations are 87 percent renewable. Plants run on hydroelectric power and waste bark fuel, producing 80 percent fewer greenhouse gases than typical mills.

Catalyst also contributes to the Great Bear Rainforest and World Wildlife Fund.

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