Nevada’s jobless numbers fall to lowest level in five years

Martin Fierro with Martin-Harris Construction pounds in stakes as the new Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership on the South Strip is under construction on Thursday, July 10, 2014.

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s jobless rate fell to 7.7 percent in June, the lowest it’s been in more than five years.

Hiring in the construction and professional services sectors fueled the increase in employment.

The state Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reported today there 105,400 people jobless in Nevada, a decrease of 2,800 in May.

The seasonally adjusted rate is the lowest since the 7.6 percent in October 2008. But it’s still above the national 6.1 percent jobless rate.

Gov. Brian Sandoval said the report showed job growth in key sections but economic development efforts must continue.

The department said the number of workers in the construction sector rose statewide from 57,100 in June 2013 to 62,700, a gain of 9.8 percent. And the number of jobs in the professional and business section was up 7.7 percent to 161,800.

Employment in casinos and hotels rose 4.3 percent to 195,100, the agency said.

Total employment statewide reached 1,266,700, up 2.4 percent.

Department economist Bill Anderson said through the first part of the year the state has added 40,000 jobs. “Going forward, improving underlying conditions in the national labor market should pave the way for continued advances in Nevada,” he said.

Unemployment in Las Vegas remained at 7.9 percent, the same as in May. But it was still lower than the 10.4 percent of June 2013. There were an estimated 78,100 jobless in Las Vegas.

Total employment in the Las Vegas market in June fell to 911,300 or 3,600 fewer persons working in May.

The report said construction employment in June in Las Vegas rose to 43,100, an increase of 5.9 percent from a year ago. Professional and business services reported 117,600 working, up 5.7 percent. Casinos and hotels had 168,200 employed, up 2.7 percent from June 2013.

Unemployment in Washoe County fell from 10 percent in June 2013 to 7.2 percent last month. And it was down from the 7.4 percent in May.

Carson City’s jobless rate inched down to 7.9 percent last month, a decrease from 8 percent in May. And it was lower than the 10.4 percent in June 2013.