Station Casinos hires Culinary union advocate

Station Casinos, which for years has waged a vicious battle with the Culinary union, announced Friday that it hired one of the labor group’s strongest advocates.

Mike Sloan joins Fertitta Entertainment as a senior vice president of government relations. He brings more than 20 years of experience to the job as one of the gaming industry’s premier political operatives, fundraisers and consultants.

Sloan’s union experience is vast. He served for years as an employer trustee of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union Health and Welfare Fund and the Local 226 Culinary and Bartenders Pension Plan. He was a key player in numerous union negotiations, having previously worked as senior vice president and general counsel for Mandalay Resort Group (formerly Circus Circus Enterprises).

The Culinary has been trying unsuccessfully to unionize 13,000 workers at Station’s 18 valley casinos for more than a decade, with the fight intensifying in recent years. Station Casinos has accused the union of an ongoing campaign of harassment.

Union members claim the casino group has mistreated Latino workers and violated dozens of federal labor laws. An administrative law judge recently dismissed a majority of the charges, including the most severe — ethnic discrimination. But allegations of interrogation, surveillance and firing of workers involved in the union drive remain. About 80 charges have been forwarded to the National Labor Relations Board.

Station executives did not elaborate on Sloan’s specific job duties.

In addition to his work with Mandalay, Sloan served for years on the board of the Nevada Resort Association, including one term as chairman, and was appointed by two governors to the Citizen Advisory Committee on Tax Policy. He also was elected Las Vegas city attorney and twice appointed a state senator.



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  1. If 13,000 employees wanted to be Union they would be.

    You have to ask yourself why those 13,000 people have never wanted the Union in their workplace.

    You will always have a few that think they do but why not majority of the 13,000?

  2. Hispanics mistreated? Hey, how about all the other people who work there. Are they given special treatment? I think not. While Culinary does do some fine things, it also does some-not-so-fine things like protect druggies, alcoholics and thieves on the job. I know of at least one instance where a busboy who was stealing waitresses tips off the tables and was fired, got his job back because of Culinary. Would you want to work with a thief? Not me! Culinary picks and chooses just whom they will or will not go to bat for in not always such a fair manner!

  3. I suspect Mr Fink has made that busboy story sound a little more simple and clear cut thanit really was. The union just requires you to have proof of theft. Obviously a server suspecting a bus boy took a tip off the table is not enough. If it really happened the bus boy would be gone. And if it really happened you can bet the casino would have it on tape. So folks dont believe all the anti union stuff you hear.

  4. vegaslee Just how ignorant to the facts can you be? There is a conspiracy so thick at Stations to intimidate employees about thier legal rights that it seems as though the mafia is in control at Stations. When Stations of it's own accord lost thier shirt by going from a publicly traded entity to a privately held entity many people lost thier jobs needlessly, the pervasive lie that Stations told thier people about they would always be treated fairly came in to play when the kiss asses and nit wits kept thier jobs while hard working employees were let go.
    Before you make ridiculous statements you need to first get off of the couch and educate yourself to the facts.
    The big lie told today by Stations is how the Fertittas wrote personal checks for two hundred million dollars to save Station Casinos. This all sounds good but the reality is Station Casinos ruined many local businesses and peoples lives with thier crooked,self serving bankruptcy that if investigated would land them and the judge in prison.

  5. To elaborate on what Honer stated, brothers and company executives Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, and sister Delise Sartini and husband, Blake, will receive a combined $494.8 million for their remaining company options, unvested restricted stocks and share holdings at the close of the $5.7 billion buyout by Fertitta Colony Partners. When the Fertittas state they invested $200 million, what they mean is they reinvested half of what they milked from the company and increased their ownership from 25-45%. How many other companies going thru bankruptch will see ownership come out in better standing that pre bankruptcy? Stations brainwashes their employees with propoganda about how well employees are being treated and how generous Stations is with their employees. If Stations treated their employees so well, why have they not received raises in 5 years? Nor has Stations resumed 401K contributions as so many other gaming companies have.

  6. homer,

    If you had ANY PROOF of what you say and being the upstanding good person you are you would be standing in front of a judge with your proof putting the boys in jail.

    Problem is you are spouting rumor without knowing the facts of what you are talking about.

    I am very aware of the "facts" of their business dealings, the managers and 1000's of their employees so get back to me when you have first hand knowledge and proof to back up your statements.

  7. So, Homer, Jaquekeno, VC I'm assuming that you all have worked or are currently working for Station's. They are in the process of restarting the raises and 401k matches have been restarted as well. If the employees of Stations wanted the Union, it would've been in place years ago.