CG Technology’s sports-betting app gets an upgrade

courtesy of CG Technology

The login screen of the CG Technology’s sports-betting app is displayed on an iPad.

CG Technology already gets most of its wagers from a mobile sports betting application, and it hopes a new version will bring in even more digital gamblers.

The company’s upgraded CG Sports app, announced this week after a soft launch last week, is intended to be more user-friendly than its predecessor. This is not to say the old version performed poorly: It was responsible for 60 percent of all the wagers the company received.

CG Technology, formerly Cantor Gaming, operates eight Las Vegas race and sports books, including the Hard Rock Hotel, the Cosmopolitan and the Venetian. Even with the strong brick and mortar casino presence, company officials said about 20,000 people use its sports betting app.

Among the new app’s features:

Future bets, which let people to wager on a far-off event like a league championship. Proposition bets, which are wagers on specific actions within a game. Parlays, which are wagers of two or more selections combined into one wager. (The whole bundle has to win in order for it to be successful.)

Offer/counteroffer, which allows the app to respond directly if a user’s wager is too high. Users can place a wager of any size — if it’s too much, the app can send a lower counteroffer at the same odds and let the user decide whether to accept it.

The company also paid a lot of attention to design and user experience in its redesign, making it sleeker and more scroll-friendly. Chief technology officer Matt Morrissette said it “follows iOS 7 guidelines to a fault, almost.”

You must be in the state of Nevada or at the Atlantis, Paradise Island, resort in the Bahamas to use the app. It’s available for Androids, iPhones, iPads and Windows PCs running Windows Vista or higher.