$632 for a room? Must be time for CES

A view of casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Looking for a cheap room on the Strip this week? Good luck.

Room rates at the Riviera, normally one of the most affordable places in town, are more than eight times normal January prices, thanks to the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

The Riviera, which is close to the Convention Center, had rooms available for $39 this past Thursday night. Tuesday and Wednesday nights, those same rooms are going for $499.

Next week, the rooms go back to $39 per night.

Other Strip casinos also have much higher rates this week during CES, the largest trade show in North America, with more than 140,000 attendees from 140 countries. The convention officially begins Tuesday and ends Friday, but many attendees get in town early for preshow events.

The highest room rates this week are Tuesday and Wednesday nights, with prices dropping significantly Thursday night.

Most of the show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but it also overflows to the Las Vegas Hotel (the former Las Vegas Hilton) and the Sands Convention Center.

Rooms at the Las Vegas Hotel average $353 per night for the three nights. The Venetian, which is connected to Sands, is sold out through Tuesday night but has rooms available for $599 Wednesday night. Rooms at the Palazzo average $519 per night.

Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Hotel, Bally’s, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Paris Las Vegas, Tropicana and Bill’s Gambling Hall are all sold out for at least one night of the convention.

At the remaining Strip hotels, rooms are available every night, but they are going to cost extra, according to rates from VEGAS.com, a sister company of the Las Vegas Sun.

For the three main nights of the convention, average rates are $632 per night at the Wynn, $597 at the Cosmopolitan, $582 at Aria, $524 at the Bellagio, $377 at MGM Grand and $350 at the Mirage.

The cheapest rooms on the Strip are at Circus Circus, where the average is $186 per night. Just off the Strip, rooms are going for $202 per night at Hooters.

After hosting huge crowds for New Year’s Eve, January is shaping up to be a good month for Las Vegas. In addition to CES, Chinese New Year brings in many tourists, and other draws include the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Jan. 19-21 at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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  1. I just hope we see an overflow to the poker rooms at the local casinos. The rodeo and New Year crowds were good times. :)

  2. Wonderful LV is experiencing a win.

  3. BY ripping conventions with these ridiculous rates u are not going to get people to return. As an example Microsoft is not coming back next year. They will hold their event alone as does Apple.

  4. Foolish hotels killing the golden goose. Screw trying to make the money throughout the year, they want it all now, now, now.

  5. I suppose the hotels can charge whatever they want but this will come back to haunt them. Once people make the decision to go somewhere else they'll never come back. In 5 yrs the CES will be half of what it used to be.

  6. Wow, that truley is sad for the people that want to come to Vegas and have to spend this kind of money to have a place to lay their head. With the economy being in shambles the way it is I'd have to agree with green617 Vegas will be lucky to have this convention to continue in the years to come.

  7. Corporate mentality is killing Las Vegas. Fools with hotel degrees in control of corporations who know nothing about marketing for long term success. Going for the minimum profit and destroying their gambling base which is where the real money is at. Benny Binion was right about the corporate guys all being morons.

  8. Blatant, shameless greed.

  9. Overstating corporate greed a bit much I think. These folks aren't high stake gamblers, and the rooms are paid by their companies. So the $$$ is just flowing from one corporate pocket to another so it's all fine with me!

  10. Sadly, the corporate mentality of charging what the the traffic will bear exists year round. The schmucks, ahem, tourists/guests showing up at New Years and other holiday times are ripped a new one also and they are not on a corporate credit card. This is the new view on pricing rampent through out corporate america in every venue be it Orlando, NYC or La La Land during the Oscars. The era of local owners or facilities catering to public needs is been over ever since the bottom line for stockholders became the driving force for those operating destination hotels, conferrence centers et al.