Pop quiz: Test your knowledge of state tourism slogans

Sweet home Alabama. I love New York. Virginia is for lovers.

Some states put their names front and center in their travel and tourism slogans. Some don't, including Nevada in its new slogan, "A World Within. A State Apart."

How memorable and recognizable are slogans that don't contain states' names? Here’s a test of 10 randomly selected examples. See if you can match the slogan with the state.

1. It’s like a whole other country

2. Get lost

3. Find your true South

4. Great places. Great faces

5. Unbridled spirit

6. It’s all here

7. We’re playing your song

8. Wild and wonderful

9. Still revolutionary

10. Adventures in living

A. Tennessee

B. South Dakota

C. Massachusetts

D. Idaho

E. Texas

F. Connecticut

G. West Virginia

H. Kentucky

I. Mississippi

J. Montana

Answer key: 1-E, 2-J, 3-I, 4-B, 5-H, 6-C, 7-A, 8-G, 9-F, 10-D

Note: "Get lost" appears on promotional materials as an abbreviated version of "Get lost exploring in Montana."

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