Realtors group changes name

Housing construction continues in the Skye Canyon area in the northwest part of the valley on Jan. 3, 2018.

The Nevada Association of Realtors unveiled its new name, Nevada Realtors, along with a new logo and tagline on Monday.

The organization’s board of directors approved the rebranding in December. More than 16,000 of the state’s Realtors belong to the group.

“On the surface, this may seem like a small change, but we think it’s a pretty big deal,” said Heidi Kasama, a longtime Las Vegas-based Realtor whose term as president began Jan. 1.

Heidi Kasama

Heidi Kasama

She said the Realtor brand has been valued by some national experts at more than $1 billion, so the association wanted to emphasize that word more in its name.

The shorter name, with a tag line “Advocacy. Leadership. Excellence.” also reinforces the association’s role as an advocate for real estate and private property rights throughout the state, Kasama said.

“Today’s consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages a day,” she said. “It takes simplicity and clarity to get their attention. We think this new brand helps us accomplish that and better explains who we are.”