Need an office? For $30 you can rent space for the day in downtown Henderson

A conference room inside Co-Operate on Water Street in downtown Henderson, which provides office space and resources for small businesses starting up, Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018.

Nick Wester is the owner of, a startup which finds and moves counterfeit items being sold online. A typical day for the father of three used to include remotely managing the company’s six employees from his residence in Southern Nevada.

But that changed in February when the Henderson Chamber of Commerce launched its rental space program on Water Street.

People like Wester can rent a desk, conference room, or presentation room for as little as $30 daily. The chamber of collaborated with the city on the project to bring new business to downtown Henderson.

“I was one of the first tenants,” Wester said. “It provides me the flexibility and professional atmosphere I didn’t have.”

Co-Operate is the first phase in a three-step progression of the rental program to nurture new development in the city, said Damon Hunter, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation Manager.

“We say Co-Operate, Incubate, Graduate,” Hunter said. “Co-Operate is the first step.”

Co-Operate provides the place for new business owners to meet with clients or investors that otherwise would be conducted at a private residence or coffee shop.

The prices start at $30 a day for a drop in, $200 for a monthly membership, $300 for a monthly membership with an assigned space. The space is basic — a cubicle or rectangle table with two chairs, for instance. But for up-and-comers it adds credibility to their quest at growing a business, Hunter said.

Co-Operate on Water

Cooperate on Water in downtown Henderson provides office space and resources for small businesses starting up, Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018. Launch slideshow »

“It lowers the barriers for starting a business like spend thousands of dollars on an office or signing a long-term lease,” Wester said. “I’m excited for people to come here and start putting into action some of the ideas they’ve been kicking around in their heads.”

Renters can access the space seven days a week, 24-hours a day. Co-Operate has eight desks but can expand to have more if there is demand.

“It’s a place to get you started,” Hunter said. “The next step is to incubate and then finally graduate.”

The Incubate space is located across the hall from Co-Operate and offers private offices for more intimate sessions. The Incubate space is more permanent and renters can have a six-month or 12-month lease for $400 to $700 monthly.

The final step in the process is to Graduate or “go out into the community even if it’s across the street, open up a spot, hire more people, that’s the economic development piece” Hunter said.

Additionally, the chamber also offers support services to help small businesses and young entrepreneurs. Its “Road Map to Success” series of educational business training covers “everything from HR issues to new tax laws to marketing,” Hunter said.

The series is held on the first and third Thursday of every month. The chamber also holds networking breakfasts where different business owners and entrepreneurs can connect with others in the community and more.

“It’s exciting for Water Street,” Hunter said. “The city grows, we get more business in the city, more people move to the city, more revenue is gained in the city. The city of Henderson is winning and we’re doing our part as the chamber of commerce.”