Teach for America

Teach For America recruits, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate.

One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.


  • Growing to 1,000 Teach For America Leaders committed to the region.

  • We strive for student excellence. We are committed to having 50% of students in TFA teacher classrooms averaging 21* ACT or equivalent grade-level assessment, indicating college and career readiness, and 90% of students on grade-level or 90% attainment of Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals. By 2025 we want to have our alumni lead or build 20 transformational schools.

  • We seek system level change: The current reality of education is a system that is not working for all kids. ‘One Day’ requires leaders who dismantle, change, and reimagine broken systems that are not serving all students, particularly students of color and students who live in low-income areas. We are in the path of developing the leadership of our alumni to become school, government and business leaders to affect the system.


  • Summer Training Institute: Every year we recruit & develop about 100 new teachers to the Las Vegas region. During the summer, our corps members go through an intensive training and apply their knowledge by providing summer school to Las Vegas students. These summer schools generally take place in various sites and are free for the participating families. If you want to learn more please contact us to get invited to our Institute DocuSeries Viewing Party in late October.

  • Recruitment, development and support of corps members and alumni: We recruit nationwide, talented individuals that have demonstrated leadership skills and a willingness to impact the world in a positive way. During their two years of service at TFA, teachers receive constant coaching and trainings to get their students to excel. We also invest in the teachers’ leadership development so they can continue to affect education at the systems level.

  • Nevada STEM Circle: We are inviting investors passionate about STEM education to help us identify where the gaps are and designing, funding and/or supporting the delivery of new solutions that will prepare our kids for the 21st century work market.

  • TFA LV 2020 Block Party: Our Annual Fundraising event is May 28, 2020! Join us in welcoming 100+ new teachers to Las Vegas! You can buy a buy a ticket or be a sponsor.

  • One Day Fund:

  • Innovation Initiatives & Project: Join us as we reimagine education to best prepare our students for the future. This is a major endeavor and we need your investments and brilliance to test new ways we can change education so that our children are prepared to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


  • Social Entrepreneurship: If you are a seasoned entrepreneur or investor we invite you to join the mentorship team to develop the skills of budding entrepreneurs who want to bring disruptive solutions to the education system.

  • Volunteering at the STEM Circle: We are inviting our community of experts to join the group to identify where the gaps in our STEM education are and designing and supporting the delivery of new solutions.

  • Classroom Visits: Join a classroom of your choice to observe, participate or share with them some of the knowledge you have acquired.

  • Volunteering at the TFA LV Block Party: Our Block Party is a celebration at the end of May to welcome about 100 new teachers our schools. Join us to build the greatest experience for them!


1990 nationally, 2004 Las Vegas

Sean Parker
Executive Director

Las Vegas 2019-2020
Advisory Board

Wendell Blaylock

Ande Christenson

Miles Dickson

Michael Flores

Shelley Gitomer

Jodi Goodheart

Myra Greenspun

Dana Lee

Shawna Wells

Punam Mathur

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