KSNV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs to leave station

KVBC Channel 3

Alicia Jacobs with one of her dogs, Sparkle, on the Channel 3 set.

Longtime TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs announced today she will be leaving KSNV Channel 3.

Jacobs, 44, moved to KSNV in 2003 from KTNV Channel 13, where she also worked as an entertainment reporter. She has been a reporter in Las Vegas for more than 15 years.

“Although I am grateful for the eight successful years I have spent at Channel 3 and have worked with some incredibly talented people, especially Bob Stoldal, after a series of meetings, it has become clear that KSNV no longer shares the passion for entertainment reporting that I have,” Jacobs said in a statement today. “They, in fact, have decided to permanently discontinue the entertainment segment from their newscasts.”

KSNV President and Chief Operating Officer Ralph Toddre said the station will no longer air entertainment segments during newscasts, but will still report on entertainment news.

“It was a mutual thing,” Toddre said of Jacobs’ departure. “We’ve been talking about eliminating that segment for some time. It was a very difficult decision because Alicia has worked here for eight years and I’ve known her for 20. We were going to try to reinvent the position, but she wanted to stay on the entertainment end, so she’s going to weigh some other options.”

Toddre said KSNV will not be replacing Jacobs but will instead have staff reporters help to cover entertainment news.

Jacobs didn't say in her statement where she would be going next but did say she was taking some time to consider other opportunities.

“I’ve been in talks regarding an exciting new project and hope to make a major announcement soon,” she said.



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  1. There is NEVER anything "mutual" in these things, I assure you!!!

  2. Sadly, Jacobs decended from objective reporter to being a part of each of her stories, culminating in her sorry hook up with aged rocker Neil. In so doing she lost all professional perspective and credibility as a"news" reporter. Jacobs became a characiture of all those self aggrandizing Paris Hilton type faux celebrities, right down to dragging a dog to her own reporting gigs! There was even a "smell" surrounding her coverage of the Danny Gans afffair. Rumbles from his family suggested more than smoke and mirrors about how she got the "inside" story regarding Gans. Alot was quickly hushed up. The mutual parting was both timely and deserved. She had worn out her welcome and wasnt worth the liability to the station.