Las Vegas Hilton announces name change

The Las Vegas Hilton confirmed Thursday its new name beginning next month will be the LVH — Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

For undisclosed reasons, the Las Vegas Hilton is losing its rights to use its longtime name from trademark owner Hilton Worldwide.

Confirmation of the name change, effective Jan. 3, came in an announcement on the property website saying "Same fame. New name."

The property also unveiled a new website:

"We are extremely excited as we move into this next phase of our journey," Ken Ciancimino, executive vice president of administration, said in a statement. "Guests can experience the new look of the LVH — Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, continue to book room reservations and, more importantly, read about who we are, what we offer and other frequently asked questions."

The 2,950-room Paradise Road property is controlled for now by billionaire Thomas Barrack’s Los Angeles company Colony Capital LLC.

Barrack is fighting efforts by Las Vegas Hilton lender and investor Goldman Sachsto install a receiver to take over management and to potentially foreclose because of loan defaults.



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  1. Without access to a major hotel chain reservation system look for this place to die quickly. Use your Comps quickly before they go away, like so many other properties in Las Vegas.

  2. Their location helps and hurts them. Too far from the "strip action", but very great location for the convention business. How much of their business comes from people who use the Hilton reservation system, surely that has been a big plus for them.
    The place is not particularly great or bad. Decent place, lots of history. Surely many will still call it the Hilton for years to come, especially since the LVH name will make people assume that it is.
    Good luck to them.

  3. I had the same thought as AKsilvereagle, make it the International. There were big items for that first year, and during construction, including Elvis signing on the dotted line.

    As it is next to the Convention Center, the International would be a great fit.