Oscar Goodman’s signature steakhouse opens at the Plaza

New Oscar’s Beef, Booze & Broads restaurant plays up former Las Vegas mayor’s colorful and irreverent personality

Oscar Goodman speaks with the media on opening night of Oscar’s Steakhouse in the Plaza on Monday, Dec. 19, 2011.

Oscar's opens at Plaza

Oscar\'s opens at Plaza

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KSNV coverage of the grand opening of Oscar's, a new restaurant opening inside the Plaza, Dec. 19, 2011.

Oscar's Beef Booze & Broads

Oscar Goodman sits in a booth at his Oscar’s Beef Booze & Broads steakhouse at the Plaza on Monday, Dec. 19, 2011, in downtown Las Vegas. Launch slideshow »

Oscar Goodman doesn’t own or manage Oscar’s, the new steakhouse at the Plaza, but his influence on the restaurant is unmistakable.

Ride the escalator up to the downtown hotel’s second floor and an oversized portrait of Goodman greets you. A bedazzled bottle of Bombay Sapphire, Goodman’s signature drink, decorates the bar. Behind it, a glass door leads to a private office that will house memorabilia from Goodman’s dozen years as Las Vegas mayor — his desk and throne, portraits and bobble head dolls — and sometimes Goodman himself.

Farther inside the restaurant, a circular glass wine cellar doubles as Goodman’s private dining room, and caricatures and newspaper clippings document his decades of work as a mob lawyer and public servant. The menu features an “Oscar’s Mayor ‘Weiner’ Schnitzel” veal chop and Goodman’s favorite, a “Spilotro-style skirt steak“ modeled after a meal Goodman ate with Tony “the Ant” during a Chicago murder trial in which Spilotro was charged with torturing a man by squeezing his head in a vice until his eye popped out.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Goodman said of the restaurant which, along with the adjoining Simpatico Italian eatery, opened Monday. “This is going to be a place symbolic of Las Vegas.”

And, of course, of Goodman, who was ousted this summer from City Hall because of term limits.

Oscar’s carries the tag line, “Beef, Booze, Broads” a phrase Goodman said he came across during a mob trial and vowed to use one day in a restaurant.

Monday, a handful of “broads,” as Goodman calls the restaurant’s female concierges, congregated around the former mayor and greeted customers. Looking more like models than waitresses, they wore slinky black dresses, sky-high heels and perfectly-coiffed hair.

Antoinette (“broads” go only by their first names) said she auditioned for the role so she could work with Goodman and help revitalize downtown. She left a career in the vacation ownership industry and considers being called a “broad” an honor, she said.

Goodman said he hopes the restaurants become a hangout for both locals and tourists.

“I’m hoping people will be able to save up a little money, come here and splurge and escape the rigors of everyday life,” he said, sipping on a martini.

The steakhouse is bright and airy, with white marble accents and three oversized crystal chandeliers. Chairs and booths are adorned in cool gray-blue leathers, and servers wear mob-inspired striped shirts with white ties.

Simpatico is modeled after a Prohibition-era speakeasy. It sits behind an unmarked door and has a dark, intimate feel. Its walls are covered in brown wallpaper, its seats upholstered in a deep maroon fabric.

At the steakhouse, appetizers such as shrimp cocktail and crab cakes sell for $13 to $15. A 12-ounce filet mignon runs $42, while a piece of salmon costs $25.

At Simpatico, salads range from $7 to $8 while pastas cost $15 to $21. The Zuppa Di Pesce, a seafood stew, is the priciest entrée at $30.

Goodman’s contract with the Plaza doesn’t include a firm time commitment for the mayor to appear at the restaurants. But he promised to be there often.

“I’m going to be here drinking in excess,” he said.

And as with most projects he has his hands in, Goodman has ensured that his presence will be felt even when he’s away. Each of the restaurants’ menus feature a quote from the former happiest mayor on Earth: “My approach to food and service is the same as my approach to life…eat, talk, have fun and get drunk! Or, in my own words – enjoy our beef, booze and broads!”



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  1. Oscars OK. He just puts his foot in his mouth every so often. Not sure I understand the concept of any self respecting woman feeling priveledged to be called "a broad".

    If the filet mignon is buttery tender...I'll check it out. The key to a good steak is quality meat....size is meaningless if the quality is no good. Quality costs. Take the $7.99 Las Vegas Steak specials and flush them. They are like chewing rubber.

    I'll try Oscars.

  2. What is the dress code? I've been known to wear boots and jeans to a wedding, and will probably be buried in them.

    My wife and I want to try Oscar's, but no matter how good it is the prices quoted here will ensure this will be a special treat for us and not a routine evening.

    I hope Oscar does well with this.

  3. Congrats to Oscar's! I am going to take my wife next week to celebrate our 35th Anniversary.

  4. TomD

    If Frank Sinatra called me a "Broad", that's okay because that's him, but someone else - forget it!! It is derogatory because most times the term is used, it is in a nasty way.

    PS If anyone goes, gives us a "review"!

  5. I like the things that are happening on Fremont Street - this is one of them.

  6. The term "broad" is derogatory-period. Coming from an Ex Mayor and an attorney it is demeaning and unprofessional.. SInatra and his cronies used that word only in social company or Roasts and never used it in public. Even when he sang "Lady is a Tramp" he switched the word "broad" to something else. He is getting carried away with his power and money and lacks discretion, common sense or ciivility. He should be admonished and barred from using that word.

  7. I took my own broad there for dinner last night. She had the Ahi tuna and the lobster bisque soup and loved it. I had the "Tony Spilotro" skirt steak with potato wedges and enjoyed it. The fancy bar cocktails run about $10-$12 each. The dinner meal without drinks totaled $62.

    Overall the restaurant is very nice, the staff were all pleasant and the broads that roam the room and the bar area were all very nice.

    We definitely plan on returning. I think the joint will do well.

  8. Second only to Ron"s Steakhouse at Arizona Charlie's named in honor of former Mayor Ron Lurie, Oscar's is one of the best ideas ever in Las Vegas! Best of luck!

  9. I'm an "old dude" with "old school" traditions and the term "broad" is somewhat offensive to me. Being a black gentleman, I detest the use of the term "boy" when I'm being addressed but I've learned that the term does not always carry malicious intent (is the term "dude" offensive to comeone?). The use of "Broad" in the name of an establishment CANNOT contain malicious intent... he place would be forced to close within a month. Even though I'm not in full agreement with the name, I think it helps set the atmosphere and attitude of the place (joint).

    I would like to read the comments of female customers to get their perspective on whether or not "broad" is acceptable. As for me, I think the place will be a major hit with both locals and tourists. My next vacation visit to Vegas will definitely include a stop at Oscar's and maybe a stay and play at The Plaza.

    Congratulations to Vegas Downtown, The Plaza and Ascar's. I wish you the very best!

  10. Very happy to see downtown growing and those in charge making some good decisions. I will be in Vegas for a work seminar in May. Pretty much need to stay at the Rio since that is where everything is being held. I am very bummed that I can't stay downtown like we usually do. I still plan to hit downtown at least one night and will make a reservation at the joint for sure!

  11. This may be seen as a sign that downtown is "growing", but what hasn't been fixed is the parking, the heavy homeless population, the crime that continues to take place, and the fact that the area is a pain to get to.

    No thanks. Oscar is popular with the trailer trash of this community, but their incomes won't be able to keep this place open. Wish the Goodmans would just get the hell out of Nevada so we could start bringing some real leadership in to lift this town out of the dumps.

    Revitalizing downtown is like having a colon cleansing when you're trying to fix a brain tumor.

  12. Not impressed with name. The name Oscar's would have been enough. He is well known enough to carry off the first name only. That would have been classy and tasteful - that's probably why he didn't choose it.

  13. He was a two-bit lawyer "back in the day," a fourth rate mayor (at best) who consistently made a fool out of himself and got little done for the city. It's hard to believe that our population is so foolish as to elect his wife as a successor, as opposed to someone who could truly effect change. Jeez, all one has to do is look at Tony Hsieh, no matter what you think of him, he has done that and added jobs. Something this bozo rarely, if ever did.

    It's time Las Vegas and Nevada became politically aware and astute and determined that real change is need and it's not coming from the Federal Government, it has to come from within.

    As for steak houses, all the best Oscar, but I'll still with Morton's and The Palm.

  14. I Love It........Oscar loves this city regardless of what the uniformed might think. What he has done for Las Vegas has been nothing short of phenomenal. I will go and support his efforts (would have been tonight except for my better half coming down with a wonderful head cold). For those of you who do not or can not appreciate what he has done, either are clueless or do not know how entwined he has been with Las Vegas. And yes, this is a name that represents historical social mores......There will be those that disagree with me, but that is your opinion as this is mine.