Hubert Keller: Master Chef/DJ

Hubert Keller.

One of the planet’s greatest chefs, Hubert Keller, spends his time out of the kitchen spinning as a DJ. Quite the moonlighting gig, no? This French-born chef talks with VEGAS INC about how he keeps his Fleur and Burger Bar rockin’ at Mandalay Bay.

What’s the most important thing to consider when opening a restaurant?

I think leaving an impression. You have to make people feel welcome and at ease. There are different things that make people want to come back like begetarian options.

How does being a DJ impact your brand?

DJs are big into good food and wine. We were the first ones that had a DJ doing music inside the restaurant at Fleur de Lys. I need a person in there who feels the mood of the room and can adjust the music. Someone has to feel the flow and feed that music to the guests.

In what ways is a Las Vegas-based restaurant different?

I think it’s no different from anywhere else. Las Vegas is a real restaurant city today.

What’s a Hubert Keller TV show look like?

It would combine food, art and music. Those would be the ingredients.



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