Nevada near bottom of CNBC list of best states for business

A view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Nevada is near the bottom of yet another list, this time the best states in which to do business.

Nevada ranked at No. 45 on CNBC’s 2011 Top States for Business survey. But there is some good news: Nevada was up two spots from No. 47 in 2010.

The business news channel and website scored the 50 states on 43 measures of competitiveness developed with input from business groups, including the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness.

The states received points for their rank in each metric. The categories included cost of doing businesses, quality of life, overall economy and education.

Nevada ranked at No 50 for its basic overall economic health and growth while North Dakota ranked the highest.

Nevada also ranked last for education, for which CNBC looked at K-12 education and the number of higher education institutions in the state.

Nevada best showing was in the business friendliness category — based on legal and regulatory framework — coming in at No. 17. The state ranked No. 18 in the workforce category, which was based on the quality and availability of workers, government-sponsored programs for them and union memberships.

Virginia took back the top spot on CNBC’s top states to do business 2011 list, knocking Texas to No. 2.

Rhode Island took the No. 50 spot.

The full list can be viewed here.



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  1. Somehow, I believe this rating is based upon how much government interference and spending is involved. I don't trust the veracity of anything that has the intials NBC attached to it. Maybe now that Comcast has taken ownership, NBC will become more honest about their "reporting" then it was under the ownership of GE and Jeffrey Immelt, Osama Obama's toady!

  2. LOL the manner and frequency with which the faaaaaaaaaar right nuts will attack President Obama is staggering. I guess if this ranking had come from Faux News (We distort - We decide) Mr. Fink would be fine with it.

    And what irony that Mr. Fink used this particular thread as an attempt to attack President Obama by connecting him to Osama bin Laden. I suppose that relates to the fact that George Bush couldn't catch the terrorist and President Obama could? Wait no? HA!

    Since Mr. Fink went off topic I'll try to bring us back to the point. Nevada is in the toilet because the far right is anti-education. The state can't attract business because we don't have an educated workforce. It appears, given the current state of government, we never will.

    As for regulation - while the republican Governor likes to tout that he's pro-business, I can tell you as a business owner, it's MUCH harder and more expensive to get a business license here in Nevada than it is in several other western states.

    When the teabaggers took over the GOP they ruined it for everyone. If I could find a truly libertarian, fiscally conservative republican who wasn't a racist and didn't cow-tow to the religious right on social issues, I'd be excited to consider him/her for leadership in our state - with the hope that he or she would understand teachers are not the enemy. No education - no jobs. It's as simple as that.

  3. CNBC must be absolutely, totally incorrect on this one. I've lived here for 22 years and for all that time the local media, press, radio and politicians all have told me that this no-tax, low-tax, right-to-work state was the reason "all" these businesses in America and across the planet want to locate in Nevada. Expect a correction and a rewrite from CNBC any moment now.

  4. Republicans have told us over and over that low taxes expands business. Nevada has the second lowest tax burden, so why aren't we at the top?

    Funny thing is, the top 10 on this list are welfare states. States that receive more federal dollars than their citizens pay in.

  5. nevada is getting closer to the day when it will revert to its past as a place encountered going from point A to point B.

  6. This "report" is way off, for example it says Nevada cost of living is higher than Michigan or IL? The gas there cost $1 more gallon to start with! What about all the cheap housing NV has to offer? Quality of life #1 is Hawaii yet it is #50 on the list. I know for a fact it cost more to live in St. Pete FL than Las Vegas NV. Anyone can make a list! Business wise maybe it has some merit, even that I am not sure of. NV scored high on business climate, workforce and infrastructure, what more do you need?

  7. Poor FINK.

  8. @Green Dragon you're a perfect example of Nevada's poor education system - thank you for helping to make my point.

    @erumrunner I think you got it wrong - your pals like republicans John Ensign, Jim Gibbons and the current hack in the mansion Sandoval are the ones we have to thank for this. If that idiot Sharon Mangle had managed to wonder into the Senate things would be 1000% times worse. Thanks for playing.