New luxury gun lounge has 40 jobs available

Guns, babes and celebrities ­— that’s Machine Guns Vegas, in a nutshell.

The new shooting range, which markets itself as the world’s first luxury gun lounge, is set to open early next year and needs to fill its ranks. The company is advertising almost 40 available jobs for range masters, sales hosts, cashiers, hostesses, runners, range safety officers, armorers and loaders.

MGV is a typical shooting range with a high-end, sexy twist. The bulk of the 10,000 square-foot building will be filled with 16 shooting lanes where customers can fire modern and exotic weapons, including machine guns, assault rifles, handguns and historic World War II firearms. Tucked away from public view will be two private shooting lanes and a VIP waiting lounge for celebrities and high rollers.

“Gun girls” (hosts who double as spokesmodels) will greet customers and help them choose weapons and upload photos and videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. A retail store will sell designer handbags with built-in holsters and guns engraved with customers’ names.

“MGV was created to fill a void in the Las Vegas tourist market,” said Managing Partner Genghis Cohen, a former Royal New Zealand Army officer who now works in the Las Vegas nightlife scene. “It was obvious there was a need for a customer service-oriented firearms experience in Las Vegas with unique, select offerings for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals.”

MGV will be located behind the Mirage at 3501 Aldebaran Avenue and will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. To apply for a job, send a resume and headshot to [email protected].



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  1. I find it interesting that stories about small numbers of jobs, less than 200 jobs total merit newspaper space. We only have 150,000 people or more unemployed in Vegas. Let's hear some discussion about getting companies with large numbers of jobs.

  2. What is next for entertainment seeking "Bubbas" of the world? Lap dances while driving stock cars at the Speedway!

  3. Another 40 jobs. 40 people that were not working. That is a great thing. For every two people employed that normally will create one more job in other industries. 40=60 people working. That is how things are built in this town and in this country.

    I think it is great today if anyone takes the chance on opening anything in this town and hires even one more person.

    All jobs are welcome and see no reason to complain about any of them.