Oscar Goodman’s steakhouse hiring waiters, bartenders and ‘broads’

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman takes the stage with a martini and showgirls before an event on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. Oscar’s, a new downtown restaurant named for the former mayor, is hiring attractive female concierges and other workers in advance of next month’s opening.

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Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman will be opening a steakhouse inside the dome of the revamped Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Oscar Goodman is looking for a few good — as he would put it — broads.

Las Vegas’ former showgirl-toting mayor is hiring half a dozen beautiful women for his new restaurant “Oscar’s,” set to open next month at the Plaza downtown. The steakhouse and speak-easy will carry the tagline: “Beef, Booze, Broads.”

Goodman, a notorious party man, will preside over auditions (dubbed a “broad-casting”) from noon to 3 p.m. Thursday and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday in the Plaza showroom. The mob lawyer-turned-politician-turned-entrepreneur wants to hire six women to entertain guests, drink with them and wow them with their knowledge of sports, business and Las Vegas.

A more refined way of describing the ladies? “Attractive concierges in evening attire,” according to the restaurant’s news release about the openings.

Oscar’s replaces Firefly in the Plaza’s iconic glass dome and will be two restaurants in one: a traditional steakhouse on one side and a more casual Italian eatery designed to resemble a Prohibition-era speak-easy on the other. It will be adorned with Goodman memorabilia, feature classic photographs of the city and serve Goodman’s signature gin martinis.

The Plaza also is hiring more traditional restaurant staff for the venue. Owners need more than two dozen people to work as food servers, bartenders, hostesses and bar porters. A job fair for those positions will be held 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday through Friday on the third floor of the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino.

All candidates should complete online applications on the Plaza's website before attending. People who applied during the Plaza’s job fair this summer do not need to reapply.



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  1. More jobs and something new for Downtown.

    Piece by piece we are coming back. It will take time to rebuild but every step is something more then we had.

  2. Who uses the term "broads" anymore? Ill be going there!

  3. How many of the "broads" will be transgender? After all, new state law says they have an equal right to the jobs now. :)

  4. I'm pretty sure he couldn't pay these "broads" enough. He may have a better chance of just paying "ladies of the night" to visit his restaurant.

    Why is every job opening in hospitality called an audition in Vegas? It's a job that has long hours, you work an erratic schedule, deal with irate customers, and the money is hit or miss. You're a waiter nothing more, nothing less.Also, judging from the terrible service I've received lately at restaurants around town they should focus on skills and not looks.

  5. While I find this very entertaining and consider it a great idea from His Honor, I can't help but to think how it fuels the continuation of the objectifying of women. You'd think we have enough of that already in this city. Will we ever satisfy our thirst for booze (alcohol is a drug) and broads? If you have a daughter, please look at her face and give it some thought because this is clearly not leading by example.

  6. Really?!? Beef, booze and broads?! That's the best Oscar could come up with? Newsflash: it's 2011 not 1910, dude. And while I know you've been around for a long, long while, it would be nice if you got with the program. Even a little step into this millenium would be a HUGE improvement.

  7. Well, I guess Mr. Goodman has little respect for woman. Since he is hiring broads, our family won't be visiting his restaurant.

  8. The amount of alcohol Mr Goodman consumes is apparently affecting his sound judgement in classifying women as BROADS, though I'm sure he uses this term as a self glorification throwback from his Mob defending days, it not only shows a disrespect towards women in general, but also a lack of class for a man of his previous and current position in representing Las Vegas.

    the Urban dictionary definition of broad is defined as :Word for a woman. Less respectable than lady but much more respectable than bitch.

    The Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition : Broad is primarily used by Italian Americans in Philly, South Jersey, North Jersey, and New York City--NOT Baltimore per previous definition. It simply is a derogatory meaning for female i.e bitch, woman, lady, trick, chick, ho.

    According to another local review, they have this to say: For the cost of drinks and/or dinner, guests can choose to be joined by a whore classy, intelligent and attractive dining companion. ( with the whore part lightly marked out )

    Furthermore, in naming and featuring a coctail ( No-Bama ) degrading our president, whether a fan or not, shows a lack of integrity on Mr Goodmans and this restaurants part. I'am not a fan of this kind of negative marketing in our city. What Las Vegas does lack, are more places that cater to the intelligence of people who do have class, but don't have the pocket book of a millionaire.

  9. If he runs his restaurant like he ran Las Vegas-the place will be in shambles in 2 years.

  10. @vegaslee, hate to break it to you, but a new restaurant doesn't equal more jobs. If it is successful, it will just take business away from other restaurants and cost them jobs.

  11. Myforte, I'm with you. But you should remember that drunks find humor in a lot that offends most people.

  12. Samjung23,

    If it was built in a neighborhood I would 100% agree with you but since downtown caters 99% to tourists I am going to stand on my statement of it is more jobs.

  13. @vegaslee, no it will not create more jobs. In the entertainment and dining industry, there is a set amount of disposable income that people are going to spend. Oscar Goodman's restaurant will just take customers away from another establishment. If it isn't good, their staff will be cut back. No new jobs will be created, sorry! That's how a service economy works!