Pawn Stars’ proprietors offer jobs to locked-out NBA players

Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison and Rick Harrison appear on “Kats With the Dish” during a recording of the show at Gold & Silver Pawn on Las Vegas Boulevard.

If the “Pawn Stars” posse has its way, customers could soon buy electronics from LeBron James or sell watches to Carmelo Anthony.

The team at Gold & Silver Pawn, the downtown pawn shop behind the History Channel’s hit reality TV show, has come up with its latest stunt. They’re offering jobs to NBA players idled by the league’s lockout.

“Chum and I love basketball and wagering on the games,” said Corey Harrison, of the family that owns and operates the store. “We really miss the guys and the action and thought it might be fun to have them spend a day or more with us while they aren’t playing ball.”

The NBA and its players have been at odds since summer over revenue sharing and salary caps. A lockout led to cancellation of this year’s preseason games and the first six weeks of the regular season. Players have been out of work since July.

Some have signed contracts to play in foreign countries. Others have taken to doing community service. Several dozen came to Las Vegas to polish their skills.

Richard Harrison, Gold & Silver Pawn’s patriarch, hopes their next job will be with him. “It seems they need a little help in their negotiation skills,” Harrison said. “Maybe I could give them a tip or two.”

The pawn shop crew has become adept at promoting their brand. Their TV show soars in ratings, and they recently launched a prepaid debit card with their faces emblazoned across it. More than 4,000 people a day visit Gold & Silver Pawn, 713 S. Las Vegas Blvd., and cameras follow the action five days a week.



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  1. Another boring staged "reality" show. The place is a dump and the 15 minutes of fame for this show should have ended along time ago!

  2. how bout this... you guys offer ME a job! I am qualified AND I've been out of work since JULY as well.. BUT I don't have a nice cushion of THOUSANDS $ in the bank... SO HOW BOUT IT?? I CAN SEND RESUME AND REFERENCES IF YOU LIKE. :o)

  3. What a slap to Las Vegas residents.... thousands need a job and you offer a job to celebs.....who are just too greedy.. sad very sad... will not patronize your shop or watch your show

  4. just shows the low-life ignorance of these characters
    offering jobs to millionaires while residents hurt

  5. the only reality show on tv worth watching. i wont miss the NBA basketball season nor the high priced players. college ball is more exciting.

  6. This idea is beyond insulting & rude. In a town FULL of unemployed people-to offer jobs to a bunch of millionaires as a way to generate ratings & publicity is not only selfish-but truly idiotic. The jobs should be offered to the people of Las Vegas who REALLY need them.

  7. This is obviously an idea created by Chumlee. I like the
    show but then I missed dancing with the stars and the great
    race series. Maybe I will watch reruns of the Gottis if they
    ever become available. TV audiences are created by the
    public schools.

  8. I couldn't care less about the NBA or Pawn Stars. NEXT!