New details about Oscar Goodman’s Las Vegas speak-easy-style restaurant

Conceptual rendering courtesy of Plaza Hotel and Casino

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman will be opening a steakhouse inside the dome of the revamped Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman

Though it isn’t slated to open for more than a month, details are emerging about former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s steakhouse at the Plaza downtown.

Oscar’s, which is set now to open in mid-December, will be two restaurants in one: On one side, a traditional steakhouse; on the other, a more casual Italian eatery designed to resemble a Prohibition-era speak-easy.

The Italian side will have entertainment and will “be tongue in cheek as to what a speak-easy was back then,” Plaza executive Tony Santo said. He wouldn’t divulge any other details.

Lower-end entrees will start at $20. Steak prices will be higher and will depend on cut.

Santo hopes the eatery attracts locals and tourists who have come to known Goodman through media coverage of his larger-than-life persona.

“It’s going to be a higher-end restaurant that competes with the higher-end places downtown and on the Strip,” Santo said of the steak house. “Oscar is what will set it apart.”

Oscar’s will take over the Plaza’s iconic glass dome, which previously housed Firefly. The restaurant will pay homage to Goodman’s time as a mob lawyer and will be adorned with memorabilia from his tenure as mayor, including his famous throne.

Plaza executives will run the joint. Goodman merely licensed his name to the project. But the lawyer-turned-public servant-turned-entrepreneur has played a significant role in guiding the restaurant’s concept and look.

Goodman most recently visited the Plaza on Friday for a business meeting.

That doesn’t mean customers will get a chance to break bread with Goodman.

The deal doesn’t specify how frequently hizzoner will appear at his namesake. But Santo expects him often.

“He gets to drink for free,” Santo said. “So maybe every night.”



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  1. give him the cheap stuff, tony,otherwise he'll drink up all the profits.

  2. If only they didn't try to compete with Strip properties. You can't want the locals and try to compete with the Strip properties. There's a reason us locals only go to the Strip restaurants for a special occasion- it's a rip-off.

    Also, the dome of the Plaza never looks that good, there's always some stage in front of it.

  3. It sounds nice, I hope it works.

    Pretty funny dipstick.

    That dome was actually the hotel swimming pool when the Union Plaza opened in the early 1970's. It was meant to resemble a martini glass.

  4. I concur Zackie. It should be more expensive than Outback, less expensive than N9NE and Del Friscoes

  5. Went into the front of the Plaza yesterday at lunchtime and it smelled awful - like they had a sewage problem and were trying to cover it up with another undetermined smell

  6. I suppose one will have to swill large amounts of gin in order to stomach the crappy food Oscar "Mighty Mouth" Goodman will be preparing. Oh, what's that you say? Oscar will not be the chef? Well, that's a blessing. I see this restaurant going the way of Beso - Eva Longoria's fiasco.

  7. All the best Oscar.....SS