Chefs to square off in Las Vegas for ultimate food fight

The ultimate food fight is coming to Las Vegas. The city will host the inaugural World Food Championships this November.

Hundreds of professional and amateur chefs will descend on the Strip to test their culinary chops. They’ll compete for the top honor in various food categories, including best sandwich, burger and side dish, then face off in a grand championship.

“Recipe challenges, barbecue festivals, chili cook-offs and the thousands of other food competitions that take place annually have grabbed the attention and imagination of millions of fans and enthusiasts. The World Food Championships will settle the score,” the competition’s website says.

The four-day showcase will be held Nov. 1 through Nov. 4 at three Strip resorts. The casino locations have not been announced, nor have the judges or professional competitors. Adam Richman, of the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food,” will host the competition.

This “will be the ultimate food competition,” Richman said. “It will be the biggest stage in the cooking competition world, where every beloved food from around the globe and everyone from professional to amateur enthusiasts can come to take their shot at the title.”

Prizes will range from $25,000 to $75,000, and the final challenge will be taped for a TV special.

“There’s never been a food competition of this breadth and magnitude,” said Mike McCloud, president of Trybe Targeting, a culinary marketing agency and host of the competition. “With over 4,500 major food competitions and contests taking place across America each year, we know for a fact that food-centric challenges are one of our country’s fastest growing sports. This event will put champions on a world stage in a world-class setting.”