Steve Forbes: Good times are ahead for Mitt Romney — and the Las Vegas economy


Steve Forbes speaks at the Forbes Global CEO Conference 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in September 2011. Forbes will address the UNLV community Wednesday.


WHAT: Steve Forbes at Barrick Lecture Series

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: UNLV campus

COST: Tickets, which are free but limited to two per person, are available at the UNLV Performing Arts Center box office

Multimillionaire publisher and former GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes will be at UNLV today to deliver a speech about politics and the economy.

He’ll take the stage at 7:30 p.m. as part of the university’s Barrick Lecture Series.

Forbes, who heads a global media empire and ran twice unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination, spoke to the Sun on Tuesday about his predictions for the 2012 election and his outlook for Las Vegas’ economy.

How do you see the upcoming elections playing out?

I see Republicans doing well despite the tough contest. Mitt Romney will win, and President (Barack) Obama will once again discover the adage, “It’s the economy.” Republicans will also win the Senate.

I originally endorsed Gov. (Rick) Perry. I liked that he was in favor of the flat tax, and he did some good tort reform in Texas. I also like Ron Paul’s take on the federal reserve. Romney has been made stronger through the process. He’s got more substance today than when he took to the trail a year ago.

Having run for president yourself, do you have any advice for the candidates?

The key thing, and they know this, is that the White House is going to run a very negative campaign because it’s hard to run on an economy like this. Romney has to project substantive proposals with a Reagan-like air of upbeat optimism.

What role do you think Nevada will play in the presidential race?

It’s a swing state. You picked up an extra electoral vote. So it is a state in play.

You will see the candidates coming in. Romney will be in Nevada more than he will be California.

What do you think the near-term future of the Las Vegas economy is?

There will be some uptick. At least the president isn’t making it a mortal sin anymore to have a convention in Las Vegas.

The key thing for Nevada is truly a much better U.S. economy. When things pick up nationally, you get more business get-togethers and more tourism. Plus, if people think the United States is in an upswing, it attracts more people from overseas.

The economy is doing better, but it’s similar to a car on a superhighway. Last year, we were going 20 mph. This year, we’re going 30 or 40. But we should be going 75.

In terms of housing, the last three years have demonstrated the need to watch out when the government tries to help. Government intervention hurt more than it helped.

How influential will media be in this election?

The mainstream media will be sympathetic to President Obama, but there’s a whole lively world in the blogosphere, and that’s not going to be captured in traditional surveys or news clips. But a lot of people dialogue that way, and it will play an increasingly important role.

How often do you come to Las Vegas? What do you enjoy doing here?

I come several times a year, not for tourism but for business. I hope to do it as a vacation destination maybe later in the summer.



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  1. Forbes is a hack politician...ran on Daddy's money. Birds of a feather with Romney.

    Has no idea what the peasants need.

  2. liars.....where's the jobs ,,,gop is out of touch with Americans

  3. The economy came from the eight years before O'Bama. Most won't forget how the 1% stayed rich and kept getting richer during this economy while not opening the job market other than pile their money off shore while keeping tight fisted. Did Mitt or Forbes lose their homes ?Did they lose their jobs,salaries or 40lk's? The Ryan plan is to take away Social Security and Medicare at a time when the Baby Boomers are retiring while many us that is are only pension plan because of allowing companies to get rid of them over the years.. How many government jobs are walking away with enormous pensions unpaid sick time,unused vacation days only to get hired again. Many will have to fear that their government funded pension benefits will be the next THE GOP LEGISLATORS WILL BE GOING AFTER IF THEY GET ELECTED IN. The are already starting with the POST OFFICE.That is what Americans will remember during election time.

  4. Hey, thanks a lot UNLV. Just what we need after an endless season of meaningless platitudes from rightwing Republicans at their entirely useless "debates": to be harangued by yet another self-interested arch-conservative blowhard, Forbes.

  5. 1% pay your fair share of taxes or get out
    America love it or leave it!

  6. Although I have mixed feelings about Forbes and some of his views, he's 100% correct about one critical issue for Nevadans: our state's economy is intrinsically tied to the overall national and global economy. Regardless of whether you're a Democrat or Republican or whether you're a 1%er or 99%er, Nevadans need a president who will get the national economy back on track. When that happens, everything from entitlement programs to education and public safety will be in a better position.

    My personal view is that Obama's ideologies and political views are counter-productive for our economy. As a Nevadan who cares about social programs, education, public safety, as well as home values, unemployment, and national security, I think Mitt Romney is the better choice to move our country (and, indirectly, our state) in the right direction.

  7. Why is it that whenever a discussion of the U.S. economy, jobs, or wealthy people comes up, others - who are obviously not wealthy - blame rich people for everything. While I am nowhere near rich, I do know some rich people - and they have built businesses, employed thousands of people, generated tax revenues, and contributed a lot of money to charities.

    - So, WHO are people attacking? People who own companies and create jobs?

    - WHAT are the "attackers" DOING to improve our economy? Maybe that is "someone else's" job; not theirs.

    - WHERE is the money coming from to create new jobs, who takes the risk, who bulds bigger companies that contribute to rebuilding our economy? It's NOT going to come from poor people - or even the middle-class, in this economy.

    15 million "middle-class" people are broke. They have lost their homes, are unemployed, on food stamps and welfare - and have NO "HOPE THEY CAN BELIEVE IN." The rest of 320 million people are worrying about their future.

    But now, Steve Forbes comes to Las Vegas and speaks of positive things - including a better future for Las Vegas. And nay-sayers berate him. WHY? Because he is rich! Even if he was not rich, like middle class - they would still find something negative to say about him.

    As for all the chatter you hear about achieving the American Dream - how did it get to be something that people have distain for?

    I ask this because, part of that "dream" is to get a good job, rise up in the company, get a home, be able to afford a wife/husband and family, and to life a good life,

    The "rich" enable that by building companies - and hiring good people to help them in the process. THEY - any rich person - have the power to create jobs!

    One of the guarantees stated in the U. S..Constitution is "...the PURSUIT of Happiness...." But if you don't get educated, get a job, work to save money, and give an honest day's work to your employer (possibly a "rich" person - or a corporation) - it isn't going to happen!

    SO LOOK TO YOURSELF for help. Try "The Power of Positive Thinking," and quit defaming rich people; get your own house in order. After all, we are all individuals with varying talents and needs. And either you DO something to advance you lot in life - or you WILL BE relegated to whatever you can find. Unfortunately, statistics show that many people are or will be POOR - whether it's their fault or not. But THAT IS LIFE. You have the ability and FREEDOM to CHOOSE to succeed..

    So let's stop blaming those who have been productive, built businesses, achieved success, and created jobs. Who knows - one day YOU may be rich. What excuse will you have THEN for being in the "1%." ?

    As JFK said: "Ask not what you country can do for you,. Ask what you can do for your country." I suggest you HELP yourself toward success - and stop taking fault with others who have succeeded in life..

  8. The nay-sayers are all those who are on the Government dole... A majority of those who support Obama are those who need more government to keep paying their bills.

    Notice something familiar about all of his speeches? "I am the President and I have a government program to fix whatever problem you are having"

    With his debt load, every American taxpayer (those few who actually pay for the rest of the freeloaders) owes the Bank of China $185,000 - But Obama is more concerned with some flunky and his $10,000 college debt.

    Obama talking about college debt when his education was financed by an oil sheik. I find that kind of ironic. And shows you he is out of touch...