Righthaven website’s new owner knocks company

The new owner of righthaven.com has made it clear that he or she isn’t a fan of the Righthaven LLC no-warning copyright infringement lawsuits.

The website today displayed a heavily-redacted letter dated Wednesday and addressed to Chris Dodd, CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America. The letter appeared to be critical of the MPAA and the Recording Industry Association of America.

The website said it was "Redacted per SOPA/PIPA" — a reference to Wednesday’s protests by the Internet community against anti-copyright piracy legislation dubbed "SOPA and PIPA" (Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act).

The movie and record industries favor SOPA and PIPA to deal with trafficking in their stolen online content, but web companies, like Google and Facebook, oppose the legislation on grounds it may inhibit free speech.

Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas has itself been accused of threatening free speech with its newspaper copyright infringement lawsuits. Righthaven denies those charges and says the 275 suits it filed since March 2010 were needed to deter rampant copyright infringement.

After Righthaven’s litigation strategy backfired on the company and drove it to near-financial ruin, its website was seized and auctioned for the benefit of a creditor.

The website boingboing has identified the righthaven.com buyer as Stefan Thalberg of Zug, Switzerland, though Thalberg hasn’t yet commented.

The new righthaven.com website includes a "no jellyfish" logo and in the page source identifier it has suggested it’s opposed to Internet service providers that — like jellyfish — lack the spines or backbones to fight censorship.

Wednesday’s letter to Dodd concludes with the line, "Righthaven.com – Proudly unaffiliated in any way with Righthaven LLC."



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  1. Righthaven is meeting it's end!!!

    but as Brian Hill has been saying the copyright war will never end in fact the fall of Righthaven, will likely bring even tougher and new opponents in the arena. No more Free Speech or eve Free Press!!

    Copyright should not belong to newspapers but only opinion editorials and creative work in nature.


  2. Copyrights were only meant to encourage creativity, to advance science and the arts. News everyday affects people and discussing the news affects our everyday lives including politics.

    That is why Brian Hill recommends reforming or abolishing the copyright act. It is overreaching and he personally has seen peoples lawful copyrights being stolen by big powerful mafia corporations that don't care about the economy and send all support staff jobs to India. One of the copyrights stolen was from Alex Jones conspiracy talk show host from Austin Texas. The film stolen from him was Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement and it was eOne that stole the copyrights and used it to censor vital information that implicates part of our U.S. Government as traitorous, criminal, and deserves the punishment or traitors instead of secret service protection. Now this film has been censored worldwide by copyright law.

    We need to take him up on this offer and start to abolish the copyright act because our senate is soooo corrupt that they will never reform it to protect our rights to discuss the facts and news without worry. Money and lawsuits should only target people that make money off of other peoples material, copyright lawsuits don't belong to non commercial political sites like uswgo alternative news.

    Brian warned people about the copyright wars and nobody listened and now the end of hold our politicians accountable for their crimes and espionage against the American people will be buried by copyrights.

  3. The elite want to use copyrights to make any of their misdeeds disappear. Like what Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute said on the Alex Jones Show, Everytime the elite make a mistake they try to clamp down more on us.

    Next there will be a granny bomber then people will start groping elderly naked and make them feel as uncomfortable as they can be.

    Pretty soon airplanes will have a rule stating that only nudists can board a plane, everybody who boards a plane will have to strip naked and fly the whole trip naked and then when they land they will have to wear only the clothes the airport has charging expensive rates then people will have to buy new clothes after they leave the airport.

    We can't keep letting the elite of the elite abuse us, rape us, touch us without our consent, and we let them rob everything from us including our copyrights until we kill ourselves living in a world world military dictatorstate.

    We have to draw the line before we let corporations start killing us. GMOs, chemtrails, and other crp and now we have copyright wars.

  4. What a waste of a domain name.

    As for the letter, what a waste.