Restaurant and nightclub to replace Studio 54 at MGM Grand

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People party at Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve, as 2010 turns into 2011. Hakkasan Ltd. and Angel Management Group of Las Vegas announced plans for a new nightclub and restaurant to replace the club, set to close Feb. 4, at the MGM Grand.

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This is an exterior photo of the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip.

Hakkasan Ltd., a big name in the international dining world, will debut in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand this year after Hakkasan's plans for the city at Fontainebleau Las Vegas fell through.

Nightclub and restaurant operator Angel Management Group of Las Vegas and Hakkasan said Tuesday they were collaborating on a concept for the MGM Grand that would include a Michelin-starred luxury dining brand and a "lavish new nightclub."

The venue, replacing Studio 54, is to open in December.

"The transformation will expand the size of the former (Studio 54) venue, creating an indoor/outdoor space with unparalleled views of the famed Las Vegas Strip," the companies said in Tuesday's announcement.

They also said "Hakkasan Las Vegas will be the company's most momentous venue to date, as it will be the first location to incorporate an extravagant nightclub component."

Hakkasan is known for its Cantonese cuisine and has restaurants in London, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mumbai and a New York location opening in March.

Hakkasan Miami, which opened in 2009 at the Fontainebleau resort there, was supposed to be complemented by a Las Vegas location at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas casino resort.

But construction was halted on Fontainebleau Las Vegas in 2009, and its parent company is in Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. Investors are suing Fontainebleau Las Vegas developers, claiming they hid cost overruns and other problems at the $2.9 billion resort.



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