Obama’s pizza order touches off bonanza for Las Vegas restaurant

President Obama waves to the media before boarding Air Force One at McCarran International Airport after a visit to Las Vegas Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012.

Call it the Obama bump.

Since delivering a dozen pizzas and even more cannolis to President Barack Obama during his recent overnight stay in Las Vegas, Dom DeMarco's pizzeria has seen a burst of interest from customers and national media.

"It's been huge. The phone hasn't stopped ringing," said Albert Scalleat, the pizzeria's co-owner and general manager. "There's been a lot of buzz."

In addition to curious customers, Scalleat said the store had received calls and emails from celebrity news website TMZ and from media in Washington, D.C.

During Friday's lunch rush, the first since news broke of Obama's pizza order, the Dom DeMarco's dining room swarmed with hungry patrons. Scalleat estimated that the restaurant had seen a 15 percent increase in pizza orders since news got out about the president's delivery.

"We're normally crowded, but today it was extra crowded," he said. "We're as busy as we could possibly be."



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  1. I like Lino's pizza. It's not a New York style though. Northside Nathan's has good deep dish pizza like in Chicago. Still searching for a great New York style slice since that place on Maryland Parkway (Amalfi's, formerly Villa?) closed.

    Gotta appreciate a president who likes pizza and cannolli.

  2. @olbuddy, I think they might be thinking, "Well, if it's good enough for the POTUS, maybe I should give it a try.' That doesn't make them sheep, just hungry for good pizza.

    Don't you have to go yell, "Get off my lawn!" right now? ; )

  3. I havent tried DeMarcos...But Grimaldi's would have been my recommendation.

  4. C'mon. The best pizza in Vegas is at Grimaldi's, Cugino's (by UNLV), or Vincenzo's (on Craig), depending on your desire for a particular style of crust.

  5. I love when people argue food and talk about what's "the best" with such certainty. I learned a long time ago that what (and where) we love to eat is a completely personal preference that trying to convince people otherwise is a waste of time. Enjoy what you enjoy and be happy with it.

  6. It's great to see this fine restaurant get the attention it deserves. Way to go, Dom DeMarco's.