Las Vegas-California $5.5 billion train loan gets endorsement

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority is endorsing XPressWest’s $5.5 billion loan application to build a high-speed train between Las Vegas and Victorville, Calif., a key piece in the bid to link Southern Nevada with Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, recently appointed to head the MTA board, drafted the resolution that won unanimous approval from the board that oversees Metrolink commuter trains in Southern California.

The MTA board and XPressWest — formerly known as DesertXpress — announced in June that they had reached agreement to share resources to develop a seamless train operation between Las Vegas and Los Angeles using Metrolink tracks between Palmdale, Calif., and Los Angeles.

Part of the agreement includes working to link Victorville, the southern end point of the XPressWest line, with Palmdale. XPressWest has applied for a Federal Railroad Administration loan through its Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing program.

“As part of our effort to develop a regional transportation system, the potential to link XpressWest to Palmdale and the entire Metrolink system creates enhanced opportunities for expanded mobility in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California,” Antonovich said in a release announcing passage of the resolution.



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  1. If the proceeds are disbursed, that's 6 bil down the crapper. Thanx to pie in the sky fools.

  2. Why not just walk over to a toilet and flush away a dollar bill 6,000,000,000 times? It's the same thing.

    This is nothing more than crony capitalism designed to pay back the campaign contributors and unions.

  3. boondogle

  4. This is funny,The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority is endorsing, but not coughing up, the $6 million.

  5. So you travel for an hour and a half to Victorville, an incredible dump, then take a right turn, and head to Lancaster for 45 minutes, another dump, and then take the 25 mph Metrolink train down into the LA Basin for 1-1/2 more hours? I don't think so. Cheaper to rent a limo. And a lot faster...What a joke..

  6. Glad to see y'all took the time TO READ THE ARTICLE before commenting...

    Get 'er done!!!

  7. Oh how wonderful for this project!!! It will be as successful as Las Vegas' monorail system.

  8. With all the Right Wingers Opposed to Any type of Government Infastructure Construction (Built by Private Contractors) just let I-15 go back to Dirt and let them ride their Tractor. Too bad they never leave their block and see what the rest of the world is doing to leave us in the dust.

  9. Hey, Lambert, they will be selling shares in the venture. How many will you be buying? As for the MTA. Those pencil-pushing bureaucratic drones have a vested interest in it being funded and built. That will increase their fiefdom, just as all pencil-pushing bureaucratic drones push for. If the train is so worthwhile, let guys like Lambert fork up the funds to build it but not one red cent of taxpayer money should go towards it.

  10. If you aren't going to live long enough to enjoy it, I can understand the lack of vision. ;-)

  11. This project will do wonders for business as well, just like the freight lines and the freeway system. I am amazed at how pessimistic some of the readers of these blogs are. We ought to start working together toward a common goal instead of shooting fire from our eyes at each other all of the time.