New Las Vegas call center to hire 100 workers; job fair set for Friday


Workers labor in a call center run by Sitel in Managua, Nicaragua, Aug. 25, 2008.

Sitel site

A company that manages call centers and has an existing operation in Las Vegas is opening a new facility that will hire 100 people.

Sitel Corp., which has more than 57,000 employees worldwide and is contracted to handle customer service calls for consumer electronics companies, plans a job fair Friday at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the company’s facility at 420 Pilot Road. Prospective employees should bring their resumes to the event.

Company officials did not name their new client but said it is “an award-winning company committed to providing safety, security, peace of mind and unparalleled service to (its) customers.”

Linda Chambliss, site director at Sitel in Las Vegas, said the company has a pay range of $9 to $13 an hour, with additional compensation for bilingual employees. Employees are reviewed for raises after three, six, 12 and 18 months.

The company also offers a work-at-home option for employees and is hiring some part-time help.

Prospective applicants also can apply in Sitel’s “Careers” section at, and Chambliss said it would be beneficial to complete the form prior to Friday’s event.

Chambliss said Sitel plans to expand further in Las Vegas, an appealing location to Sitel customers because of the ease of getting direct flights from all parts of the country.

A diversified Canadian company, Onex Corp., controls privately held Sitel.

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  1. At those wages please tell me they were not given Any economic development monies from the State. Our Focus should be on Higher Education and Wages above $ 20.00 per hour with benefits. We have a local Economy that already provides numerous Low Wage, Low Skill. Low Benefits Jobs where the Employers Workers require subsidies by the Taxpayers and regardless of how hard they work they remain below the Poverty Level.

  2. Since those wages don't qualify for state and county grants that is not a problem here.

    Fact is there are many people that have little to no skills, mostly by their own choosing and this is the type of jobs they can do. Nothing wrong with that. Any added jobs is a good thing in this valley.

    Every job cannot pay big money, those that buy the service or product cannot afford to pay for that service or product if it does.

    There has to be "worker bees".

  3. It's discouraging to know the going rate for some jobs is so low, but when people have been out of work and their unemployment benefits (if they were lucky enough to have them) run out, any job is better than no job.

  4. Its discouraging to know that people feel any job is better than no job AFTER the welfare runs out. take take take until you are not allowed to take anymore then contribute. Nice.