More than showgirls: Nevada is among fastest-growing states for female entrepreneurs

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Nevada is known as a home for showgirls, strippers and cocktail waitresses.

But the state also is one of the fastest-growing for women-owned businesses, according to a recent study by American Express Open.

Nevada ranked third after the District of Columbia and North Dakota for growth in the number and economic clout of women-owned companies. As of early 2013, the state has 61,200 women-owned firms, an 84 percent increase from 1997.

The businesses accounted for more than $12 million a year in sales.

Industries with the highest concentration of women-owned firms include health care and social assistance (53 percent), educational services (45 percent), administrative support (44 percent) and waste management (44 percent). Those with the lowest concentration include construction (7 percent), transportation (11 percent), warehousing (11 percent), finance (20 percent) and insurance (20 percent).

The United States has 8.6 million women-owned businesses that generate $1.3 trillion a year and employ 7.8 million people, the study found. Results were based on U.S. Census Bureau data.

Other fast-growing states for women entrepreneurs include Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. Those with the fewest opportunities for women-owned businesses include Alaska, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa and West Virginia.

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