Construction underway on delayed Cactus Avenue interchange

Work has begun on a new freeway interchange on Interstate 15 that will provide additional access to the Southern Highlands area and relieve traffic on other interchanges in the southern part of the city.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Friday for the $62 million Cactus Avenue interchange project that began earlier in April.

The interchange will be between Silverado Ranch Road and St. Rose Parkway on I-15, and the project will include a six-lane street and overpass over the freeway to link Dean Martin Drive with Las Vegas Boulevard.

The project was approved in 2009 but was delayed as highway projects were reprioritized. The project is being paid for with federal funds.

The project is expected to take 18 months to complete and in months ahead, there will be some lane closures when the bridge is built over the freeway.

The Nevada Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Safety Administration, Clark County and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada coordinated on the project.

The Louis Berger Group was contracted for design and construction support and the lead contractor is Las Vegas Paving.

The project is expected to employ 100 construction workers at its peak and, government officials said, that doesn't include jobs created by material suppliers.