58 companies pump $450 million into Southern Nevada’s economy

More than 2,700 jobs were created in Southern Nevada during the most recent fiscal year, as dozens of companies moved or expanded operations here.

Fifty-eight companies relocated or grew in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County from July 2012 to June 2013, investing a total of more than $442 million, according to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Just over a year ago, the Nevada Development Authority rebranded itself as the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. The board retooled its mission from regional recruiter to global player, rebuilt bridges with municipal economic development offices and bought into the governor’s strategy of attracting companies in key industries.

"It’s more important for us to get the entire region moving forward in one direction than it is for any one organization to be successful,” LVGEA CEO and President Tom Skancke said.

Which companies moved here? Below is a list of businesses that have relocated or expanded in Southern Nevada since July 2012.

New and expanding companies

Here's a list of companies that have relocated or expanded in Southern Nevada since July 2012 with the number of employees initially hired, their average hourly wages and capital investment.

* Denotes company that received tax incentives from the state

Month Company Sector Average wage No. of employees Total capital investment Status Location
July-12 Block Data Center Business Information Technology Ecosystems $28.85 15 $14,000,000 New North Las Vegas
July-12 American Key Supply Logistics and Operations $13.50 5 N/A New Henderson
July-12 Aquatech Pools Other: Construction $31.25 30 $1,799,325 New Clark County
August-12 Canamould Extrusions, Inc. Other: Construction $19.45 15 $1,120,000 New Henderson
August-12 Bluepoint Solutions Other: Insurance and Real Estate $25.81 37 $1,797,972 New Henderson
August-12 TRES - Telecom Real Estate Services Other: Insurance and Real Estate $21.63 4 N/A New North Las Vegas
September-12 Other World Computing Business Information Technology Ecosystems $14.50 8 N/A New Henderson
September-12 Rechargeable Power Energy North America, LLC Clean Energy $17.50 20 $125,000 New Clark County
September-12 Knutek MD Manufacturing $16.00 10 $45,000 New Clark County
September-12 The Revolution FMO Other: Insurance and Real Estate $63.46 20 $955,000 New Henderson
September-12 FC Ice House, LLC Other: Retail $15.96 14 $500,000 Expansion Las Vegas
October-12 V5 Technologies LLP* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $30.72 16 $6,650,000 New Las Vegas
October-12 Burke Williams Day Spas Business Information Technology Ecosystems $11.90 70 $70,000 New Henderson
October-12 FTR Systems, Inc. Manufacturing $31.25 25 $280,000 New Clark County
October-12 Flexible Foam Products* Manufacturing $18.00 50 $19,000,000 New North Las Vegas
October-12 LegalMatch.com Other: Professional Services $17.00 30 $30,800 New Henderson
October-12 NextGen Gaming USA LLC Tourism, Gaming and Entertainment $57.69 6 N/A New Las Vegas
December-12 Pololu Corportation* Manufacturing $23.16 11 $1,185,000 Expansion Clark County
January-13 ViaWest, Inc* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $31.05 13 $14,541,140 Expansion Clark County
January-13 U.S. Advanced Medical/Hylunia Health and Medical 6 Expansion Henderson
February-13 GE Transportation Logistics and Operations $17.48 15 N/A Expansion North Las Vegas
February-13 Hazair, Inc. Manufacturing $48.00 26 $2,600 New Henderson
March-13 Chelton House Products, Inc* Agriculture (Manufacturing) $28.68 41 $3,490,977 New Clark County
March-13 Th Foods, Inc* Agriculture (Manufacturing) $13.26 24 $16,477,750 Expansion Clark County
March-13 California Republic Bank* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $19.90 80 $1,150,000 New Clark County
March-13 Take Two Interactive * Business Information Technology Ecosystems $18.00 150 $500,000 New Clark County
March-13 Nationwide Power Business Information Technology Ecosystems 6 Expansion Henderson
March-13 American Roll Formed Products* Manufacturing $21.47 23 $2,522,685 New Clark County
March-13 New Wave Enviro Manufacturing $15.50 10 New Henderson
May-13 MBT Repair, Inc* Aerospace and Defense $18.59 35 $1,000,248 New Clark County
May-13 Fab.com* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $21.91 34 $24,265,051 New Clark County
May-13 St. Joseph Health Systems* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $34.75 15 $21,774,432 New Clark County
May-13 Switch, Inc* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $24.43 17 $112,826,400 Expansion Clark County
May-13 Nicholas & Company, Inc* Logistics and Operations $26.52 95 $4,828,570 New Clark County
June-13 UIC Technical Services (Bowhead) Aerospace and Defense 16 New Las Vegas
June-13 Social Wellth Health and Medical $20.36 50 $150,000 Expansion Las Vegas
June-13 FedEx Ground Logistics and Operations $40,000,000 Expansion Henderson
July-13 eBay, Inc. - PayPal* Business Information Technology Ecosystems $38.19 4 $40,000,000 Expansion Clark County
July-13 Barbour Well, Inc.* Clean Energy $20.18 6 $2,800,000 Expansion Clark County
July-13 SolarCity, Inc.* Clean Energy $21.45 269 $3,270,805 New Las Vegas
July-13 BodyBuilding.com* Logistics and Operations $13.06 90 $1,597,520 New North Las Vegas
July-13 Creative Tent International, Inc.* Manufacturing $19.00 76 $1,039,260 New Clark County
July-13 CSI PrePrint, LLC* Manufacturing $27.86 22 $14,500,000 New Clark County
July-13 Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.* Other: Financial Services $33.75 75 $540,850 New Las Vegas
August-13 Sabre Ultra Precision Aerospace and Defense $22.19 37 $20,000,000 New North Las Vegas
August-13 Intellisource Business Information Technology Ecosystems $12.50 75 $0 Expansion Las Vegas
August-13 TrendNation.com Logistics and Operations $14.00 13 NA Expansion North Las Vegas
September-13 CustomMade.com Business Information Technology Ecosystems $24.03 10 $705,000 New Clark County
September-13 Kareo, Inc.* Health and Medical $20.54 112 $2,258,105 New Las Vegas
September-13 Whole Harvest Logistics and Operations $20.79 4 $35,000 New North Las Vegas
September-13 Shears Litho, Inc. * Manufacturing $21.28 39 $2,200,000 New Clark County
September-13 General Electric Trasportation Manufacturing $17.19 10 NA Expansion North Las Vegas
September-13 SenseAgility, LLC* Other: Financial Services $22.99 101 $1,715,640 New Las Vegas
November-13 NBC Fourth Realty Corporation - TJ Maxx* Logistics and Operations $16.91 240 $46,500,000 Expansion North Las Vegas
November-13 VSR Industries, Inc.* Manufacturing $12.97 27 $2,935,000 New Clark County
November-13 Flowers Baking Company* Manufacturing $20.54 70 $3,000,000 New Henderson
November-13 Clearwater Paper * Manufacturing $20.64 25 $3,141,000 Expansion Las Vegas
November-13 The ExOne Company* Manufacturing $21.12 4 $2,060,000 New Las Vegas
November-13 Barclays Servies, LLC* Other: Financial Services $14.18 400 $2,892,975 New Las Vegas
TOTAL: New and Expansion $23.57 2,751 $442,279,105

Source: Governor's Office of Economic Development

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