X Train bringing the party to North Las Vegas

Company transporting partiers from Southern California changes arrival point from the Plaza to allow for growth

Michael Barron, president and CEO of Las Vegas Railway Express, developer of the X Train party train that will operate between Los Angeles and Las Vegas next year, discusses the cars being built for his company at his office June 26, 2013.

The train that will bring partiers from Southern California to Las Vegas next year will deliver passengers to a new train station that will be built in North Las Vegas.

Michael Barron, president and CEO of Las Vegas Railway Express, said Wednesday that his company would build a passenger platform and station off the Union Pacific line near Craig Road and Interstate 15, about a half-mile east of the Cannery, as the arrival point of the X Train.

Originally, the company planned to build a station at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas, but Barron said the land there wouldn’t be large enough for the company’s ambitious growth plan.

The property at the Plaza would not be large enough to accommodate a series of sidetracks for additional trains. Barron said the company initially plans to run one train four times a week, but the fleet would grow in five years. The North Las Vegas site would have ground transportation bays for limousines, taxis and shuttle buses to transport passengers to their hotels after they’ve arrived from Fullerton, Calif., and downtown Los Angeles’ Union Station.

The change of location also is expected to delay the start-up of the train from January to midyear 2014. A groundbreaking for the new station is planned for later this summer.