Automatic lanes OK’d to secure terminal exits at Las Vegas airport

Courtesy Henri Sagalow Photography

The Transportation Security Authority has OK’d the use of automatic exit lane corridors by Switzerland-based Kaba Group to prevent people from entering secured areas at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

The Transportation Security Administration has approved McCarran International Airport’s use of automated exit lane corridors to prevent people from entering the secure portion of the terminals.

The TSA, which recently announced that it would turn over responsibility for monitoring exit corridor access to airports, authorized the use of an automated exit lane breach control system developed by the Kaba Group, based in Switzerland.

The Kaba system has been used at McCarran’s Terminal 3 since it opened last year. With the TSA authorization, the airport must acquire and install systems at access points at two locations for the C gates, one for the D gates and one for the A and B gates.

McCarran did not immediately have a cost estimate for installing the systems, when they would be installed or how long it would take to realize savings based on not having to staff the exits around the clock.

“The Kaba doors provide improved security for travelers and greater efficiency for the airport’s operational needs,” said Rosemary Vassiliadis, Clark County’s aviation director. “We’re now looking at ways to install similar Kaba Lanes elsewhere at McCarran.”

The Kaba system is designed to control passenger flow while preventing unauthorized entry to secure parts of the airport.

The system monitors and notifies airport security personnel in real time of an intrusion and detects suspicious pass-through and unattended objects.