Joe Downtown Radio: High-rise living in Las Vegas

A view of the Soho Lofts condo building in downtown Las Vegas Thursday, December 16, 2010.

They call some of them “the skylords” of Las Vegas. That is, those who live in one of the three high-rises downtown: Soho, Newport or The Ogden.

But if the tower people are skylords, what’s that make those down here on terra firma?

And who would live in downtown Las Vegas in the first place?

The “Joe Downtown Show” this week is all about people who live downtown as seen through the eyes of two downtown residents.

For many decades, downtown was shunned by Las Vegas. Like most American cities, residents abandoned urban life, its crime and density, and moved to the suburbs.

Cities sprawled. Strip malls and endless ribbons of asphalt highways scarred the land. That’s good for the pocketbooks of highway builders and developers, but not so good for the millions who mentally suffer in traffic jams daily driving from their suburban home to work and back every day.

It’s funny, then, that this happened. Just five or so years ago, a multi-billion-dollar development on the Las Vegas Strip decided to call itself CityCenter. Stranger still? People are moving downtown again, including Clark County employee Randy Swallow and Rose Signor, who works at The Atomic.

Through the KUNV, 91.5 FM broadcast below, hear why they did it and what they think of downtown and its redevelopment.

Joe Downtown Radio

High-rise living in downtown Las Vegas

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Joe Schoenmann talks to two people who live downtown: Clark County employee Randy Swallow and Rose Signor, who works at The Atomic.