Las Vegas ranks high for marriage-minded millionaires

Good news, gold diggers: Las Vegas has hundreds of eligible millionaires who are ready to settle down., a dating website, analyzed customer data and found 664 Las Vegas men who are worth at least $1 million and are “marriage-minded and looking for a long-term commitment,” the company said today.

The tally was ninth-highest in the country. (See list below.)

The company’s research uncovered 89,503 marriage-minded millionaires, showing that “single women should not be discouraged for their high dating standards,” according to the Las Vegas-based company.

“Not all single millionaires want a serious relationship, but this census proves that even the wealthiest men seek stability in their love life,” founder and CEO Brandon Wade said in a news release.

Here are the top 10 cities:

1. New York (4,101)

2. Los Angeles (2,127)

3. Chicago (1,092)

4. Houston (1,038)

5. Dallas (966)

6. San Francisco (909)

7. Atlanta (687)

8. Miami (653)

9. Las Vegas (664)

10. Austin, Texas (543)