Hualapais to offer scenic excursions on Colorado River year-round

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Tuesday, May 3, 2011 just after the glass panels were replaced.

Northern Arizona’s Hualapai Indian Tribe will expand its popular scenic river-running excursions to year-round, the tribe announced today.

Beginning in March, Grand Canyon Resorts Corp., the tribe’s tourism enterprise based in Peach Springs, Ariz., will offer the one-day trips on the Colorado River beyond the summer season. Trips include transportation from Peach Springs to the river, more than an hour on the river in a pontoon raft and a helicopter trip to Grand Canyon West.

River guides comment on the history and culture of the tribe and the geography of the Grand Canyon in the trips.

Most Grand Canyon West tourism originates in Southern Nevada, and Grand Canyon tours are a popular Las Vegas attraction, particularly for international visitors.

Ticket information is available at the tribe’s web site.

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