Popular L.V. dive bar to take a breather, while sports bar set to surface at Mirage

Davy’s Locker at Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road in Las Vegas.

When one bar closes, another one opens.

Case and point: Davy’s Locker and The Still Craft, Drafts & Eats.

Davy’s Locker, the popular dive bar, has been sold.

Starting March 31, the joint will be closed for remodeling, but further details — including the identity of the new owners — are foggy. Let’s just hope this doesn’t mean it’s lights out for good for the bar’s iconic neon fish sign.

Meanwhile, the Mirage will welcome The Still, a hip new sports bar, just in time for the start of baseball season.

For those scrambling to get into shape for the summer, you may just get the extra push you need thanks to the opening of a juice bar and a new workout venue.

    • Davy’s Locker

      There’ll be one more sign on Davy Locker’s storefront: Sold.

      Owner Cindy Slight made the announcement this week, but would not disclose who the owners are to sister publication Las Vegas Weekly.

      Renovations at the bar, located on the corner of Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road, will begin March 31. According to Slight, the joint will keep its name and possibly its hard-to-miss neon fish sign.

      The bar opened in 1968 and was originally owned by Boxing Hall of Fame referee Davey Pearl. It gained traction among locals for its low drink prices and festivities, including open mic and trivia nights.

      Slight, who took charge of Davy’s in 2010, told the Weekly that selling the bar is a bittersweet moment.

      “I will miss it very much, but I look forward to the grand reopening and to be able to come in as a customer. I look forward to it continuing on and on and on,” she said.

    • The Still Craft, Drafts & Eats will debut at the Mirage on March 29, 2016.

      The Still Craft, Drafts & Eats

      Sports junkies have one more place on the Strip to cheer on their favorite team.

      The Still Craft, Drafts & Eats will debut at the Mirage on March 29.

      The sports bar will feature 27 televisions, enough for any sports fan to keep track of all kinds of matches. And as if that’s enough, the joint occupies 8,000 square feet to give everyone room to cheer and jeer.

      To go with the excitement, customers can pick from a list of craft beer and the Still originals mixed with whiskey and rum.

      The Mirage will hold a grand opening for the bar on March 29 at 6 p.m.

    • Guest columnist Jamie Stephenson of The Juice Standard.

      The Juice Standard

      Everyone who juices knows the hassle it takes to prepare the drinks.

      There’s the time it takes to buy the vegetables and then the mess to clean up after blending them.

      But soon juicers won’t have any of this to worry about.

      The Juice Standard has opened its third location in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan.

      Each blend is made from organic produce. The team has even created a new blend named after the resort: “Bee Cosmopolitan.”

      A news release stated: “‘Bee Cosmopolitan’ is a sweet and refreshing blend of lemon, agave, beets and Bentonite clay that is flavorful, healthy and may act as a hangover preventative for some people.”

      Like the Bee Cosmopolitan, each drink is packed with all kinds of flavors to please the customer’s palate.

    • XCYCLE

      With summer approaching, exercising outdoors, let alone cycling, can be brutal.

      But XCYCLE is here to the rescue just in time for those of us still working on having that perfect beach bod. The studio will open its first location in Southern Nevada at Boca Park this spring.

      XCYCLE keeps participants on the move by immersing them with sights and sounds of mesmerizing landscapes. Through this method, riders will go through a full cardio workout, all while being enveloped in a sensory atmosphere.

      "Ever since my first cycling class, I have been addicted. It's obvious after just one session why it has developed such an avid following," said co-owner Jennifer Barnet in a statement. "I am thrilled that we will be able to share this experience with the Las Vegas community."

      Each session lasts 45 minutes and is led by cycling experts.