National firm acquires local digital marketing agency

A Las Vegas-based digital marketing agency that serves several big-name accounts was acquired by a national firm last week.

Bentonville, Ark.-based RevUnit, which already has an office in Las Vegas, purchased Teamvvork LLC. The acquisition tripled RevUnit’s workforce in town, according to the company, as all Teamvvork employees will be under the RevUnit umbrella.

Teamvvork, which was founded in 2015 in downtown Las Vegas, focuses on software and product development and digital marketing for clients such as Steve Madden, Zappos and Allegiant Airlines. RevUnit is a software design and development company.

“We are moving ahead with a smart, effective growth strategy as part of our mission to make work life better for millions of people through beautiful, usable technology,” RevUnit CEO Joe Saumweber said.

“Both RevUnit and Teamvvork have shared passions and nearly identical values, even though the companies were founded in different parts of the country,” Saumweber said. “This acquisition brings Teamvvork’s ethos, expertise and achievements to the RevUnit team so that we can continue helping employees of today’s largest companies communicate, engage, learn, and be more productive.”

The RevUnit-Teamvvork journey started in downtown Las Vegas, when Seth Waite, chief growth officer with RevUnit, was looking for a larger space for the company.

“I looked at the space next door (to Teamvvork), and the landlord said that we sounded just like the tenants next door,” Waite said. “So I poked my head in, and there was a moment when I thought, ‘These guys are us.’”

Waite then worked in Teamvvork’s office for a few days to get a feel for the company, and he said he realized that the companies’ missions were aligned.

“We then started to have conversations about how we can all work together in a more formal way,” Waite said. “After that it happened really quickly.”

RevUnit, which began in 2012, specializes in “workplace transformation,” creating custom software to increase productivity, learning, communication, and engagement within large companies. RevUnit’s major clients include Walmart, Virgin Hotels and Purina.

According to a RevUnit release, the acquisition of Teamvvowrk solidifies RevUnit’s position as a leader in providing major retailers and other large enterprises with industry-leading technology.

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Arkansas-based RevUnit, which already had an office in Las Vegas, recently purchased Teamvvork LLC.

“Teamvvork has a well-earned place within Las Vegas’ flourishing tech scene, and we’re excited for a partnership in which we can work to make Vegas a digital product development hub while also bringing Teamvvork’s skills and expertise to Northwest Arkansas,” Saumweber said.

Teamvvork co-counder and CEO Josh Stanley said that partnering with RevUnit makes sense.

“RevUnit is the perfect fit for us,” Stanley said. “They’re the company we hoped we’d be a few years down the line. We are united by a common culture based on putting people first, and working alongside talented teams that push us to be better every day.”

Stanley went on to say that the two companies share similar business beliefs.

“We’re driven by exploration and improving people’s overall quality of life,” he said. “Both companies come from a place of caring deeply about making work better — environment, process, how you work and who you work with. That this is RevUnit’s core purpose — literally, to use technology to facilitate a better, more fulfilling work-life — is incredibly exciting to us.”

Those beliefs are just what the now merged companies are going to work toward in the present and the future.

“Right now we want to continue to find other great people in Las Vegas to join the cause and work with us,” Waite said. “The bigger picture is that we want to participate in the Vegas tech community a lot more. We can now pool our talent and resource and have a bigger impact on Vegas tech.”