Vdara employs a pair of robots to deliver room service


Vdara has added a pair of autonomous robots — named Fetch and Jett — to help with the delivery of room-service items.

When guests order an item to their room at one Las Vegas resort, a robot is likely to show up at their door.

Vdara added a pair of autonomous robots — named Fetch and Jett — to work alongside their human counterparts to carry out the delivery of snacks, sundries, spa products, and food and beverage items.

“Fetch and Jett are a fun and convenient addition to our team at Vdara,” said Mary Giuliano, Vdara general manager. “Guests enjoy the novelty of having their morning coffee and other items delivered by a robot, which frees up time for the rest of our staff to focus their energy on requests that require a higher level of service.”

After receiving an order, a staff member will load the desired product into the robot’s transport compartment and input their room number. The robot will then navigate its way to the guest’s room to deliver the product. Once the robot arrives at the room, it will call their room phone to alert them their delivery arrived.

After removing their items, Fetch and Jett will ask the guest for feedback on their service before traveling back to their docking stations. The entire delivery process usually takes less than five minutes to complete, Vdara said in a statement.

The fully autonomous indoor delivery robots use advanced technology to navigate around people and objects as they complete their task. They’re able to handle multiple requests and wirelessly communicate with the hotel’s systems, including operating the elevators autonomously.

“We’re committed to creating special experiences for each guest, and I’m certain this will be a memorable one,” Giuliano said.