Main Street Strollers rolls into Las Vegas

Brand ambassador Rachel Segovia, pushes Addison Segovia, 7, in a stroller from Main Street Strollers, a stroller rental company, Tuesday, July 30, 2019.

After starting a successful stroller-rental business in Orlando this past year, Mark Ortenzo figured Las Vegas would be a good city for expansion.

Main Street Strollers

Brand ambassador Rachel Segovia, pushes Addison Segovia, 7, in a stroller from Main Street Strollers, a stroller rental company, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Launch slideshow »

His business, Main Street Strollers, opened on the Strip in June and is the brainchild of Ortenzo and his wife, Catalina.

“Las Vegas seemed like a natural fit for us,” Ortenzo said. “I travel to Vegas for my other business quite a bit, and I kept noticing more and more how big of a family destination it was becoming.”

The company delivers its products free of charge to the resort or hotel at which customers are staying, as well as vacation homes within a 15-mile radius of McCarran International Airport, though longer trips include a delivery fee.

It’s not the only one in Las Vegas that rents strollers or wagons but, Ortenzo said, it does have the cushiest product line, including a Keenz Stroller Wagon with an overhead canopy to protect kids from the summer sun.

Ortenzo said the model, which supports 110 pounds, has been popular in Florida, especially at places such as SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

There’s also a double stroller and a single stroller available.

“We do have a higher-end-type of customer base, but everything we have is affordable,” Ortenzo said. “We deliver [everywhere], from the Bellagio to your more budget-type hotels. We want to help out all types of families.”

The company reaches clients by relying in large part on social media, Ortenzo said.

“We built our brand [in Orlando] kind of grassroots style,” he said. “We have a strong following there through Disney. Also, family bloggers are huge. We believe, as a family-owned business, that that’s a good way to connect with our audience. We want to build trust with some of the influencers that everybody follows.”

Ortenzo said Main Street Strollers is also tailored for children with disabilities, especially those with autism.

“We have a strong special needs community in Orlando,” Ortenzo said. “We work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and that’s important to us. We plan to play that same type of role in Las Vegas as opportunities present themselves.”

The cost to rent a Keenz Stroller Wagon is $65 for up to three days. The most affordable option is the single stroller, which can be rented for $40. Longer rental times are available and strollers can be reserved up to a year in advance.

If business continues to be successful, Ortenzo plans to expand to other regions, such as Southern California. For now, he’sfocused on growing the Las Vegas operation and building relationships with resort hotels.

“The tourism industry in Las Vegas is thriving and there are so many new avenues that are coming out,” Ortenzo said. “A lot of those avenues are acceptable, or directed at, families. The people who went to Vegas to party when they were younger, they now have kids and they’re coming to Vegas with their families.”

General Manager Anthony Catalano grew up in the Valley before moving to Florida, and is one of the company’s three employees on site in Las Vegas.

“There’s so much going on here and there’s so much new stuff being built,” Catalano said. “To be able to help bring our company to my hometown is such an honor. Watching Main Street Strollers flourish over the past year has been exciting, and now we get to help families on their Las Vegas vacations.”


This story originally appeared in the Las Vegas Weekly.