40 Under 40: Jen Kramer, Magician, ‘The Magic of Jen Kramer’ at Westgate Las Vegas


Jen Kramer

When Jen Kramer’s uncle gave her a book about magic for her 10th birthday, her professional fate was sealed.

“I became fascinated by magic,” said Kramer, who holds a degree in theater studies from Yale University. “I joined a young magicians’ group, went to magic camp and began performing anywhere and everywhere I could. I remember being on an Amtrak train with my family when I was 11 or 12, and spending the entire ride walking up and down the aisles doing magic for people. I had a blast performing and making new friends.”

Kramer interned for Nathan Burton’s magic show during two summers and moved to Southern Nevada in 2014 following graduation, and did weekly shows for guests at Wyndham’s Grand Desert Resort and Marriott’s Grand Chateau, while also performing at corporate events, private parties and college campuses. She has also appeared on television, including on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion.”

She opened "The Magic of Jen Kramer" at Westgate Las Vegas in May 2018 and has been headlining four shows a week since then.

“Each day is a balance between working on the content of the show, which is continually evolving as we add new illusions and tweak existing elements, and working on the business side, marketing the show and spreading the word with the help of my amazing team,” Kramer said. “I also serve on the advisory board for Magicians Without Borders, which is dedicated to entertaining, educating and empowering people in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world through magic.”