Lawsuit: Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas missed payments to Paris Hilton

Hew Burney/Hard Rock Hotel

DJ Eric DLux, Paris Hilton, Lil Jon and Nicky Hilton at Vanity in the Hard Rock Hotel on April 24, 2010.

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Paris Hilton hosts the 2010 Rehab pool party opening at the Hard Rock Hotel on April 25, 2010.

The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas has failed to pay Paris Hilton $200,000 for two promotional appearances in 2009, a new lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas against the Hard Rock, with the named plaintiff being a Los Angeles attorney for Hilton, Paul Joseph Shapiro.

Shapiro says in the lawsuit he has been assigned the rights to Hilton's $200,000 claim.

The suit alleges that in February 2009, Hilton's company Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc. and the Hard Rock signed a contract in which Hilton agreed to make three appearances for $100,000 per appearance that year.

Hilton made the three appearances, but was paid only $100,000 the lawsuit alleges.

"Paris Hilton Entertainment sent correspondence to defendant Hard Rock, demanding that it pay the amount owed," the suit says, adding the Hard Rock has not disputed what is owed but has failed to pay the $200,000.

The lawsuit seeks a "writ of attachment and garnishment" of Hard Rock assets in favor of Shapiro, noting "defendant is threatening insolvency, which insolvency has been heavily publicized in recent months. Absent intervention by this court, at the time of judgment, defendant's assets will not be available to satisfy a judgment."

While the Hard Rock has suffered significant losses during the recession, it's believed to be on stronger financial ground after lenders took control of the property in February.

The lawsuit, alleging breach of contract, includes as an exhibit the contract.

The contract spells out that one of the appearances would be in February 2009, "which appearance shall be promoted as a public birthday celebration for and starring Paris."

Another would be for the opening of The Joint concert venue on April 17, 2009.

The agreement lists perks the Hard Rock agreed to provide Hilton during each of her appearances.

They include:

• A first class suite for Hilton for two nights with a $150 per diem

• Five more complimentary standard rooms for her entourage with a $75 per diem for each room

• A first-class private round-trip "G4" plane or comparable transportation from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for six people

• First-class limousine service from McCarran International Airport

• Complimentary dinners for up to 10 people each night, for two nights, at Nobu on Fridays and at Ago or Rare on Saturdays

• An "owners cabana" during Sunday's Rehab party including food and beverages

• Security escorts on a 24-hour basis

• "Stylist Michael Boychuk approved for artist's hair and make-up"

As for Hilton, she had to agree not to make any public appearances in Las Vegas or Clark County for 30 days before and 15 days after each Hard Rock appearance.

The Hard Rock doesn't comment on pending legal matters, a spokeswoman said Friday.



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  1. If it were up to me, I'd do to the tramp exactly what Steve Wynn did: 86 her off the property!

  2. You have to wonder about a business model that relies on paying Paris Hilton $200,000 for a couple of appearances.

  3. I would like to say she is ugly and not worth the money and all that other snarky stuff, but I can't. She fits virtually any description of physical beauty and has no trouble getting appearance bookings.. Obviously, her appearances make money for the companies that book her or they would stop. Wynn might have banned her from the property, but XS, Surrender and the Encore Beach Club are making him tons of money by being the most popular spots in the exact market she helped maximize.

  4. The real question is: did they generate a net income in excess of the $100,000 plus perks cost of her visits? I work with some small country bands who have to show they can generate an extra S300-400 in business a night at bars or clubs they play, over and above what the bar would make if they had no band. It's a very tough market and nobody really makes any money in the smaller venues. While there are certainly some that will drop a few hundred or more to "party with Paris" (meaning they're in the same room or area, but still beyond the line of security), I just cannot imagine she generates the income to cover the cost of her appearance. Maybe she does? We have seen real celebrities (Debbie Reynolds, Ray Price, Mel Tillis, Kyle Petty, Buck Owens, etc.) at various places over the years and in many cases, everyone who wanted to had a chance to actually meet them, get an autograph and a photo, not all the time, but fairly often. Most of these Hilton type events you see on T.V. usually show a short appearance by the celebrity and no chance for the fans in attendance to actually meet them.



  6. this woman does not warrant $100K per appearance. That's just ridiculous. I guarantee she doesn't even have a quarter of that economic impact on a night at a club.