Cosmo’s trucking along — to drum up interest

Cosmo Truck

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For all the sophisticated marketing tactics employed by the moneymaking geniuses along the Strip, now comes the ice cream truck.

It’s boxy, purple and plays blaring music. And it’s starting to roll into Las Vegas Valley neighborhoods.

But if it comes down your street, don’t let the children talk you into forking over a couple of bucks for a snow cone or Choco Taco. This truck’s for you.

It’s the latest gimmick by the Cosmopolitan: a mobile platform to distribute promotional goodies as a way to drum up business among locals.

The vehicle is in fact an ice cream truck, its interior mostly gutted to accommodate shapely Cosmo representatives, musicians and giveaways, including vintage keys with promotional codes in conjunction with the resort’s “Unlock Your Mondays” campaign.

With the key, locals and tourists who stumble up the truck can plug the promotional code in the “Unlock Your Mondays” website to receive an exclusive deal for the following Monday. Deals include an 80-minute massage for $50, half of wine at the Henry or a cabana at the resort’s free movies by the pool, just to name a few deals.

“The hard thing about trying to market in Las Vegas is that it’s a really loud marketplace,” said Lisa Marchese, Cosmopolitan’s chief marketing officer. “There are lots of billboards, lots of print. It’s just incredibly crowded.” Using a converted ice cream truck, she said, would be unexpected even for a hotel that created a buzz for its edgy TV and print advertising campaigns.

Marchese said the new strategy spun off the recent food truck trend, which often use social media to let followers know their whereabouts. To find the Cosmopolitan truck, people will have to follow the resort on Twitter and Facebook, or as Marchese hopes, hear through word-of-mouth.

“It’s a little bit of discovery,” Marchese said. “You may find out the day before or the morning of where we’ll be next, depending upon how much buzz we can create.”

The truck made its first appearance at Zappos on Friday afternoon, where it set up with Ping-Pong tables in the blistering heat. If only for some ice cream ...



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  1. Great idea.

  2. Once again someone thinking outside the box and going to the streets in the right way to get attention from locals and the press.

    Good job!

    You need to add some Ice Cream for the kids though. ;-)

  3. Tacky.

  4. wow

    a new low for the casino,,lol

    i dont want to see this offensive garbage in my summerlin hood,thats why i live here,to get away from this over priced tourist trap scam

    fuc the cos
    i give it less than two years,and mgm less then that

    keep it out of my hood

    fuc all casinos