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Downtown’s Plaza hotel to hire 800 employees, plans job fair

Courtesy of the Plaza Hotel and Casino

A renovated penthouse suite at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The property will reopen to guests on Sept. 1 after an extensive overhaul at the 40-year-old property.

Plaza hiring

Plaza hiring

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KSNV coverage of announcement that the Plaza hotel-casino downtown will be hiring 800 employees for its reopening, June 21, 2011.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is looking to bring on 800 employees ahead of its grand reopening in September.

The downtown hotel-casino, which closed in September for a $35-million renovation, will host a two-week job fair beginning June 27. The job fair will run through July 1, and again from July 5 to July 8, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

The hotel is hiring about twice as many employees as it laid off when the hotel temporarily closed last year. The 800 employees will include about 300 returning employees.

Positions open at the Plaza include both entry and management-level jobs in the gaming, hotel, food and beverage, and marketing departments.

The job fair will be held at the Las Vegas Club, across Main Street from the Plaza. Interested applicants should go to the Plaza’s website to apply.

The Plaza announced last week that it will reopen to guests on Sept. 1 after an extensive overhaul of the 40-year-old property. Prior to its grand reopening, the Plaza will host a soft opening on Aug. 24 for its casino.



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  1. Good to see they are bringing back a good portion of the old employees and hiring 500 new ones.

    Hopefully the powers to be understand SERVICE this time around so they don't chase off long time customers. The Plaza had great people and great service for many years then the "new" powers let it all go downhill and forgot that the customer is the one paying their bills. Same with their other properties.

    The Plaza will make for a good addition back to downtown. Do it right this time please.

  2. Are we talking about rehiring Union members or are we starting all over again??........

  3. fuc all union scum

    some of these old busted out losers are over 80 years old
    sad,if you stay in vegas this could be you a lonley old casino worker with no future no past and no hope in hell to ever having a good life

  4. azstripper1,

    Read the article. They are rehiring 300 past workers. Those would be the Union workers you are asking about.

    Since this is a right to work state, the 500 new workers will have the choice to join the union or not.

  5. I thought they did this remodel so they could drop the Unions. Like they did to the Western (which they also own)

  6. I wonder what the regular standard rooms look like after renovation. I stayed at the Plaza once and it was not the greatest experience. The rates midweek are set at 44 or so, plus tax (and resort fee?), so I am definetely interested in staying there once just for the experience. Hopefully all rooms are remodeled and not stinky anymore.

  7. No friggin union workers. Why destroy the place a second time.

    Tony Santo a smart guy....