Wynn, Netjets team up to give customers perks

The Encore is shown to the left of the Wynn Las Vegas on the Strip.

Wynn Las Vegas recently announced a deal with NetJets Inc. to extend benefits to NetJets customers staying at Wynn or Encore hotels. Likewise, Wynn customers will receive NetJets perks.

High rollers are typically flown here on the casinos’ dime.

For the majority of customers who may or may not gamble, the NetJets program would give anyone staying at the Wynn hotels access to a NetJets concierge and free resort amenities including golfing and spa services. To receive the benefits, Wynn customers must first purchase a jet ownership share or 25 hours’ worth of flying time.

NetJets customers can receive hotel discounts, VIP access to resort amenities, room upgrades and VIP check-in – perks normally reserved for big gamblers.

Part of the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate, NetJets sells fractional shares in private jets available to owners at a few hours’ notice. The company touts fractional ownership as a cheaper way to fly in comfort.

Casinos are increasingly pursuing marketing alliances to expand their appeal in a tough economy. While luxury hotels have fared better than budget properties in the downturn, even high end resorts in Las Vegas have been hit hard as visitors curb spending.

This “adds yet another dimension to the exclusive offerings we can provide,” Wynn and Encore President Marilyn Spiegel said in a statement about the NetJets partnership.

The announcement follows an earlier arrangement between Wynn and Pinnacle Entertainment, a Las Vegas-based casino company that doesn’t have a Vegas casino.

In April, Pinnacle’s “mychoice” program introduced new benefits to its biggest gamblers.

Those customers may apply for membership in the company’s “Owner’s Club,” where members will receive 100 shares of Pinnacle common stock, an annual multi-night package stay at Wynn or Encore, a multi-night cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean with the Royal Caribbean cruise line and annual lease payments on a Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV.



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  1. And so my friend, please go to the Nejets website and price a"fractional" 25 hr share. I will save you the time....anywhere from $155,000 to $242,000 depending upon the size of aircraft and distance it can travel. Then, realize you could fly first class commerical with limo service. Afraid "Joe-sixpack" aint going to be sharing aisle seat with you anytime soon! Booyah Baby!

  2. I see that Eric Cantor walked out of the Budget Negotiation because Democrats were going to Tax Corporate Jets. Temper Tantrum Eric Cantor doing what he can to protect The Poor.
    It's time Nevada Taxes Comps, from cigarettes to jets!