Winter is coming: MGM teams with HBO to hype ‘Game of Thrones’

The Luxor has paired with HBO for a “Game of Thrones” promotion to hype the series’ third season.

Stand beside the obelisk inside the Luxor and look up: you'll see the shadow of a dragon stretched across one of the slanted pyramid walls.

Look a few feet above its head, and you'll see the title of the television show it came from: HBO's "Game of Thrones."

The image is part of a recently formed advertising partnership between MGM Resorts International, the Luxor and HBO.

In the lobby of the Luxor, Game of Thrones banners hang. Show-themed key cards let guests into their rooms, and Game of Thrones pillow-toppers decorate beds. A Game of Thrones commercial plays on in-room TVs.

In the casino, players can find more than two-dozen blackjack tables sporting Game of Thrones felt tops. The show’s most dedicated fans can have their picture taken sitting on the series’ infamous "Iron Throne," a seat made for kings fashioned from the surrendered swords of fallen warriors.

Photo opportunities are available starting today through Sunday. The campaign ends March 31, when the show’s third season is scheduled to start.

“The show’s got 10.4 million viewers per episode,” said Jim Holborow, MGM Resorts' director of event marketing and promotions. “It’s globally a hit.”

The partnership grew from a previous campaign at Mandalay Bay, which sponsored HBO’s drama series “Luck,” starring Dustin Hoffman.

“They were introduced to the marketing capabilities of the Mandalay Bay and MGM,” Holborow said.

Fans of the show were excited.

“I’ve gotta see the throne,” said Philip Weaver, a 36-year-old businessman from Ohio who visited the Luxor Tuesday night. “My girlfriend and I are huge fans of Game of Thrones … It’s easily HBO’s best series.”

After the dragon’s shadow caught his eye, he immediately whipped out his iPhone, snapped a photo and sent it to his girlfriend back home.

His girlfriend, Mallory, soon texted back:

"Sweet," she wrote.

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