Smoke, slots and service: The complaints gamblers have about casinos

Eileen Brown of Henderson plays the machines while waiting for bingo to start at the Eldorado Casino in downtown Henderson on Friday, June 22, 2012.

Smokers? No drinks? Tight slots?

What's your biggest qualm with casinos?

Publishers of the 2013 American Casino Guide recently sifted through thousands of visitor reviews to put together a list of the top five complaints gamblers have about casinos.

The guide is published by Casino Vacations Press and offers information about more than 750 resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos in 41 states.

What irks people the most? Here’s a look at players' most common pet peeves:

    • 5. Too Smoky

      Ventilation systems are no match for the ashtray odor floating through some casinos.

      On the upside, many resorts offer nonsmoking areas and smoke-blasting gaming tables.

    • 4. Long lines

      Casino customers don't like having to stand in long lines at the buffet or players' club.

      To avoid crowds, do like locals do: Plan to eat at an off time to minimize your wait.

    • 3. Lack of slot attendants

      Because casinos have traded coins for tickets, fewer attendants hang out on the casino floor to help if a machine malfunctions. When that happens, players can be in for a long wait.

    • 2. Unenticing direct mail offers

      “Dear Bob: Here’s $5 in free play. Now come to Las Vegas!”

      Do casinos really think $5 will entice players to fly in or drive hours to get to Las Vegas? Most gamblers say it won't.

    • 1. Tight machines

      It’s not much fun to sit at a slot machine that torches your cash in minutes.

      Although most players know they'll eventually lose, they want to make their money last — and hopefully score a few free drinks while they play.

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