Gambler wins $250,000 lawsuit against Imperial Palace

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Gambler Video

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A Clark County jury awarded local gambler Chad Johnson $250,000 last month after he filed a civil lawsuit against the Imperial Palace alleging assault, battery and false imprisonment. After he complained about a faulty slot machine, there was an altercation between security guards and Johnson. This video shows the incident.

Things weren’t going well for Chad Johnson the day he tried his luck at the Imperial Palace casino, where he worked as a valet.

After a few beers on May 11, 2008, he began complaining to a friend that the Monopoly slot machine’s bonus round kept showing the same outcome: A loss. That was weird.

He complained to a slot technician who, perhaps predictably, said there was nothing wrong with it.

He asked to speak to the technician’s boss. Security arrived and told Johnson to call the Gaming Control Board with his complaint.

What happened next is a bit fuzzy but it’s clear from a grainy surveillance video that there was an altercation between Johnson and the casino security officers who wrestled him to the ground. Johnson got a lawyer and filed a civil lawsuit alleging assault, battery and false imprisonment in a casino office.

The upshot?

Neither Johnson nor the security chief still works at Imperial Palace.

State gaming regulators concluded that the slot machine was, in fact, not working right. They ordered the manufacturer to address the flaw and Johnson got back the $50 he had gambled on it.

The bigger payoff: A jury last month awarded Johnson $250,000, and Johnson and the casino settled the punitive part of the case confidentially.



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  1. Harrah's...I mean Caesars Entertainment Inc. illegally remodeled thousands of their hotel rooms, at several of their hotels leaving every single room that they touched unsafe for the public to stay in - the safety systems were all compromised! The largest Gaming Company in the world, by their own hand, created the potential for another MGM Grand Fire Disaster here in Las Vegas, by intentionally & willfully circumventing the, required by law, Clark County Building Department's permit & inspection process. Harrah's failed to meet even the minimum Building Codes in the various remodels which spanned more than a decade. Coupled with the fact that Harrah's also intentionally & willfully exposed all of their construction workers, hotel employees and Guests to ASBESTOS during the course of many of these remodels further emphasizes the point that Harrah's, now Caesars Entertainment Inc cares about nothing other than their precious bottom line. County, State & Federal Agencies, along with many elected officials have helped Harrah's cover-up the extent of what they knowingly did to a large number of people! You can't tell me that it is not CRIMINAL for a company to provide "public fire traps" for the public to stay in, and then compound the situation by willfully exposing everyone in their hotels at the time of the various remodels to ASBESTOS, a known CARCINGENIC. Harrah's Entertainment Inc. & their management team deserves to be held responsible for their illegal unconscionable acts/actions. Harrah's has no excuse for what they willfully did, they should have lost their Gaming License and those that were responsible for the illegal remodels should have been held accountable, and those that helped cover up what they did should be prosecuted as well! Harrah's present Chief Engineer Shane Jacobs said it best on July 3, 2006: "We have all been exposed to ASBESTOS, it is part of the job and if you can't handle it you need to find another job."

  2. Bully for Johnson and a pox on the I.P. They had an obligation to be honest with Johnson. Instead, they tried to bully him and, boy, did they pay! Why is it someone high up didn't intervene in the stupid decision made by underlings, admit the machine was faulty and just give the guy his money back? Greed and an attitude that casinos can get away with anything. I guess this case shows that's not always true.

  3. I will NEVER set foot in the Imperial Palace ever again! What a bunch of thugs, they should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Convenient how they stopped the video right at the point where the I.P. goons started puching out one of their customers for pointing out a problem with one of their machines.

  4. The former security chief, John Bezrutczyk (in the public record), was involved in a previous six-figure jury award when he was Security Chief at the now-defunct Frontier and participated in another false imprisonment, that time of a skilled blackjack player. Here is a link to that article, which originally appeared in The Sun:

    More casino patron abuse links:

  5. Good research Mr Rogers.

    This crap is bad for tourism, we need to have jail sentences and big fines for casino bullies.

    Gaming control needs more power.

    Do they still have the NAZI room out at the IP?