Where does Las Vegas rank among the world’s top vacation spots?

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An aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

Las Vegas has been named one of the world’s top 25 vacation destinations based on ratings from users of TripAdvisor.

The travel review website on Thursday released its “Traveler’s Choice Best Destinations of 2012” list. Las Vegas ranked No. 17, above Bora Bora, Los Angeles and Honolulu but below Chicago, Istanbul and Beijing. London topped the list as the world’s best destination.

The ratings are based on millions of reviews by TripAdvisor travelers.

“In Las Vegas, you’ll find restaurants run by the world’s finest chefs, opulent spas and sophisticated hotels along with penny slots, Elvis impersonators and indoor Venetian canals (complete with gondoliers),” the website’s description of Las Vegas reads. “Why come here? Because there is simply no other place on the planet like Las Vegas.”

TripAdvisor regularly rates destinations, hotels and attractions. The website recently named the Bellagio Fountains one of the world’s most talked about attractions. Las Vegas also landed fourth on TripAdvisor’s 2012 list of best U.S. destinations.

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  1. You guys consistently seem to place a lot of stock in TripAdvisor. Would you consider a restaurant the best in town simply if it had the top Yelp ratings?

    Here we are claiming to be the "entertainment capital of the world" and yet...Chicago is #11 and Vegas...#17.

  2. TripAdvisor is worthless.

  3. As with most lists they are complete BS designed to drive web traffic. This article being an example of how they work at doing so.

  4. My Top Five places to go are:

    #1 Las Vegas (has been and always will be)
    #2 Orlando
    #3 Los Angeles
    #4 Honolulu
    #5 San Fransisco

  5. My top 5 places and things to do

    #1 playing music on the Greek island of Mykonos
    #2 cruising the canals of Amsterdam, Holland
    #3 windsurfing the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington
    #4 cooking on my solar cookers at Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, near Gerlach NV
    #5 sailing a dhou off Zanzibar, Tanzania in the Indian Ocean

  6. Trip advisor ratings, people that travel and rate their experiences on line.

    Yelp Ratings. People that eat and rate their experiences on line.

    Best of Las Vegas, People that shop and rate the businesses on line.

    People that place their opinions here, people on line.

    They all carry about the same weight. One no more then any other but yes, it is a way to rate things.

  7. Chicago? Really? I don't know anyone that's ever gone to Chicago on vacation.