New twist on ‘What happens here’ ads highlights ‘Vegas enablers’


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority launched a new series of ad campaign videos called the “Vegas Enablers.”

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority today rolled out the first of a new batch of television ads that are a variation on the “What happens here, stays here” theme.

The new ads, which debuted Monday nationwide, mostly on cable outlets, focus on “Vegas enablers” — the instigators and troublemakers who generate “What happens here” moments.

The LVCVA board of directors got its first look at the new ads at today’s board meeting.

The Vegas enablers spots also are the basis of a social media campaign that capitalizes on the LVCVA’s 100,000 Twitter followers and 1.2 million Facebook fans. A microsite at includes a 10-question quiz that produces an enabler score and badge.

The first ad in the series, “History of Friendship,” debuted Sept. 30. The next two are titled “Unpredictable” and “Granny.”

The ads are scheduled to run through April.

“The ‘What happens here’ campaign is so popular because it speaks to the many unique experiences that visitors can have during their trip to Las Vegas,” said Cathy Tull, senior vice president of marketing for the LVCVA. “With the ‘Vegas enablers’ spots, we’re exploring for the first time how those memorable moments can happen, especially with the help of that one fearless friend that we all seem to have, the one who encourages us to let our hair down.”

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