Legal Aid Center applauds ruling on homeowner mediations with banks

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada today praised rulings last week by the Nevada Supreme Court boosting protections for homeowners trying to save their homes through mediations with banks.

The court found lenders could face sanctions if they fail to follow mediation rules.

They must produce required documentation and make someone available at foreclosure mediations who can make a decision on mortgage loan concessions that could keep struggling homeowners in their homes.

“We have been representing homeowners at foreclosure mediations for the past two years.” Barbara Buckley, executive director of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, said in a statement. “This decision by the Supreme Court was a victory for homeowners who have been participating in good faith at these mediations, but have been faced with less-than-open lenders who have been playing games for years. The court’s ruling levels the playing field and gives homeowners a fighting chance to stay in their homes.”

The Legal Aid Center invited homeowners pursuing foreclosure mediation to contact Legal Aid at 868-1147 to determine their eligibility for free legal representation at mediations.

Homeowners who don’t qualify for foreclosure mediation representation through Legal Aid Center will be referred to Legal Aid’s free ``Ask-A-Lawyer Program,’’ the center said.

Legal Aid Center also offers classes for homeowners representing themselves in foreclosure mediation; the assistance of a paralegal and its Pro Bono Project in which private lawyers may represent homeowners in foreclosure mediations.



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