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Sudatonic USA Hosts Annual Conference at Paris Hotel

Sudatonic USA, announces all natural organic product at it's 2012 Annual Conference held in October at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

SudaTonic USA, the leading company in the Infrared experience recently announced the completion of its newest line of food-grade organic creams designed for use with the Sudatonic USA’s Infrared session.

SudaTone creams work to increase the body’s natural process of sweating during SudaTonic sessions while converting stored fat into energy that is immediately accessible to burn calories through the spa experience.

The uniquely formulated creams also promote the conversion of stored body fat into fatty acids. Using the creams helps to prevent newly formed fatty acids from converting into stored fat during heat treatments, and now during any activity that impedes sweating.

SudaTone One dextoxes and cleanses the entire body with ingredients including lavender oil and rosemary. SudaTone Two is a cellulite
SudaTonic does more than eliminate excess water in the body, if forces the body to eliminate excess fat by breaking it down and burning it as energy. Increased circulation returns bringing valuable nutrients to the body improving overall health and wellness with each session.

Men and women across the globe have been utilizing the SudaTonic method of detoxification for decades and now, with these newly developed creams, SudaTonic USA is able to offer the complete experience organically and made in the U.S.

Detox and feel great as this FIR heat therapy improves health and vitality.
FIR benefits have been featured on Dr. Oz, The Doctors and Ellen, Rachel Ray and Oprah. Far Infrared Therapy is used by stars and by health and beauty spas worldwide.

About Sudatonic:
The increasing demand and awareness in America for products which address health, wellness and beauty, led to the formation of Sudatonic USA in 2005. Since that time Sudatonic™ has become a well known name in over 250 spas, medical offices, salons, wellness centers, chiropractic offices, tanning salons and fitness centers. For more information about Sudatonic, visit